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CHRISTIAN NEWS Easter 2014 Marks 30th Anniversary Production of THE PLAY
Easter 2014 marks             the 30th the 30th anniversary                               production of THE PLAY -                          the classic  Story of The                                          Man Called Jesus, directed by Robert Klein, with  Dr. Gillette Elvgren,  and f eaturing the music of  Paul Wilbur  with Eric Ryan Olson portraying the role of Jesus.  The Man Called Jesus dancers,  choreographed by local artist Jessica  Rickards Rockey will feature the angels  celebrating the birth of Jesus, the Cana  wedding dance and Jesus' festive entrance  into Jerusalem for the Passover. Experience all the joy of Jesus' earthly  ministry performed by over 100 cast  members from 30 local churches ....
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Soon, the leaves will start to change;  school will recess for the summer with the  children pursuing something to occupy their  time; yes, time flies.  Yet, people continue to  waste time trapped in their fears—fear of  failure, fear of success, and then covertly the  fear of death. This fear of death has not  escaped God’s children even though once we  leave this body, a better place is promised.  A recent prophetic word from Brother Kenneth  Copeland for 2014 begs me to address this  issue about death.  Briefly, he said, 2014 was  the year of victory over death.  Second Peter  1:2 (Amplified) says that perfect peace and  freedom from fears, to name a few, comes  from not just knowing God, but having the correct knowledge of God. Another  scripture says God's people perish for lack of knowledge. It is this lack of  knowledge about death that has released a spirit of fear over most people.  However, I have good news for you.... 
12-Year-Old Lia Mills Speaks Out on Abortion This moving speech on abortion was given by Lia Mills to her seventh grade class. She was 12 at the time, but has continued to remain steadfast in her beliefs on pro-life.
INSPIRATION He Walked into My Leper Colony
By Juanita Weiss   l   The Church Guide
      We call it Leprosy! The Hebrews call it tzara’at!  The Jewish sages believed that tzara’at was more  than a skin disease.They believed that it was a  physical manifestation of a spiritual sickness. After  all, the infected person (kjv calls a “leper”; the  Hebrew calls a “metzora”) was not sent to a doctor,  per se, but to the priest to be examined.         The Jewish sages believed that the causes of  tzara’at stemmed from sin: more specifically  “sexual immorality, gossip, murder, perjury,  forbidden sexual relationships, arrogance, theft,  and envy” (Avakhin 16a).            In Matthew 15:18-20, Yeshua even  corroborates this belief when he says .....
John Hagee Explains the Four Blood Moons
By Erick Stakelbeck  l  CBN News
On April 15, 2014, there was a total lunar  eclipse. It was the first of four consecutive total  eclipses in a series, known as a tetrad (the  remaining three eclipses will take place on  October 8, 2014, April 8, 2015, and September  28, 2015). It will be one of 8 tetrads during the  21st century AD. Like all eclipses, it is probable  that the moon will appear to be a dark red color  during the eclipse due to the refraction of sunlight  through the Earth’s atmosphere. This is the same  effect that causes sunsets to appear red. The Blood Moon Prophecy The Blood Moon Prophecy is an idea  popularized by Christian pastors John Hagee and  Mark Biltz that states the upcoming tetrad (a  series of four consecutive total lunar eclipses,  with six full moons in between, and no intervening  partial lunar eclipses) which begins with the April  2014 lunar eclipse is a sign of significant things to  come.
Don’t Invite a Friend to Church for Easter
By Jim Denison   l   Christian Press
One in five Americans hasn't yet decided if they will  attend church services this Easter. According to a recent  survey, 41 percent say they are planning to attend, while 39  percent say they definitely will avoid church this Sunday. But  20 percent are undecided.  There are 314 million people living in the United  States. Twenty percent is 62.8 million people. Many in this  demographic are far less religious than most who will read  today's Cultural Commentary. It would seem obvious that we  should invite them to church for Resurrection Sunday.  Here's what works even better: bring someone with you.  In Matthew 9, Jesus and his disciples returned to  Capernaum, where "some people brought to him a paralytic,  lying on a bed" (v. 2). They didn't invite the man to  come—they brought him. Of course, he was physically  unable to come himself. If they had not carried him into the  house, he could never have met Jesus there.  Most non-Christians are in the same condition  spiritually as this man was physically. Some are so  desperate that they will come of their own initiative or if they  are invited, but most will not. Put yourself in their position.  Imagine for a moment that a Jewish friend invited you to his  synagogue for services this Saturday. You have no idea how  the service works—where to park, where to sit, what to do.  You're worried that you'll say or do the wrong thing, that  you'll embarrass yourself and be a distraction to others.  On the other hand, if your Jewish friend offered to  pick you up and take you with him, things would be different.  You'd have a guide for the day, someone to lead you  through the experience. You might still be a bit tentative, but  you'd be far more confident. And if this person was a close  friend, you'd look forward to spending the day together.  When Andrew became a follower of Jesus, what did  he do first? "He first found his brother Simon" and "brought  him to Jesus" (John 1:41, 42). We seldom hear from Andrew  in the New Testament, but Simon Peter changed the world.  My friend didn't invite me to church If College Park  Baptist Church in Houston, Texas had invited me to their  church services in the summer of 1973, I would have  declined. But they sent their bus for me, brought me to  church, and returned me home. Their initiative was used by  the Holy Spirit to lead me to Christ. My dear friend and  mentor, Dr. Bailey Stone, had a similar experience. He had  no relationship with Christ before he was brought to church;  as a believer, he pastored some of the greatest churches in  Baptist life and eventually led the evangelism division of the  entire Texas Baptist Convention. I asked him to share his  story with you, and hope you'll read it today. Would you ask the Lord to put someone on your  heart for Easter Sunday? Would you ask them if you can  bring them with you to church? Our culture desperately  needs more Simon Peters. Your friend could change the  world, to the glory of God.  Jim Denison, Ph.D., is founder of the Denison Forum on  Truth and Culture, a non-sectarian "think tank" designed to  engage contemporary issues with biblical truth. For more  information on the Denison Forum, visit To connect with Dr. Denison in  social media,
CHRISTIAN ENCOURAGEMENT Forgiveness is a One Way Street By Gene Markland   l   The Church Guide
Have you ever been wronged by someone? I mean  really hurt to the core? It’s probably happened to all of us a  time or two in our lives. The pain is worsened when someone  close to us does it, such as family, friends,  or fellow  Christians. Natural human reactions can be revenge, anger,  bitterness, or even disillusionment. We often protect  ourselves by drawing away from the offender. This may lead  to isolation from everyone into a self-imposed exile of  loneliness. Waiting for the offender to make things right is usually  futile. The offender either doesn’t realize the damage they’ve  done through their words or  actions, or they just don’t care.  Your suffering means nothing  to the offender. They couldn’t  care less! The injured one  carries the hurt. The Lord Jesus showed  us a higher way. He taught us  by example to forgive. He said,  as He hung on the cross dying,  "Father, forgive them, for they  don't know what they are  doing” (Luke 23:34 NLT).  I’ve had to forgive on occasion.  
For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him.                                                                             John 3: 16-17
By Rodica Lambert   l   The Church Guide The Apostle Paul said in Colossians 2:16-17 that the Jewish feasts and celebrations were a shadow of the things to come through Jesus Christ. And though as Christians we                       may not commemorate these holidays in the traditional biblical sense, as we                       discover the significance of each, we will certainly gain a greater knowledge                             and appreciation of God's Word, an improved understanding of the Bible, and                                 a deeper relationship with the Lord.   As we are observing the Passover season and the liberation of the                              Israelites from slavery in Egypt into the Promised Land, we too can celebrate                             the freedom from the slavery of sin into a Heavenly Kingdom. We have such                                 a beautiful story to tell of our journey from slavery into a Heavenly Kingdom,                                but how many of us are truly  living  the abundant life that Jesus came to give                           us? The sacrifice has already been paid and He whom the Son sets free is                           FREE indeed but unfortunately, our mindsets keep us in the wilderness and                                not possessing all that Jesus came to give us.
This article is for any girl or woman who is feeling pressured into having an abortion. 1.  Stand your ground.  You know you don’t want an abortion.  Maybe you know in your heart that  your child is a real, live person  (you’re right!). Maybe you know your  science and facts already. Maybe you  can’t bear to be a part of killing an innocent human being. Maybe  you already love your child. Maybe you or someone you know has  had an abortion, and you know the physical and emotional pain  that comes with it. Whatever your reason, you do not have to get  an abortion. It is against the law for anyone to force or coerce you  to get one. You are your child’s mother, and no one – not your  boyfriend, husband, parents, pimp, teacher, or lady at the grocery  store – can make you get an abortion.
By Krisi Burton Brown   l   LifeNews
FEATURE STORY What to Do IF Your Boyfriend Wants You to Get an Abortion
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When you were younger, what did you dream of? Maybe it’s been so long you don’t remember. No matter what our age, we need to have a dream for our life. We need to have something to look forward to and work toward. And if we will trust God and do our part, we can see our dreams come to pass—                  even if they’ve been shattered and we need to begin again. That                         doesn’t mean things will always go the way we think they will,                           and it won’t always be easy. But when we’re determined to be                            faithful and diligent to do what God is calling us to do, He’ll always                            give us the grace and strength to keep going. Joseph was a young man with a dream. In the dream that                     God gave him, Joseph saw himself as a leader and his father                           and brothers were bowing down to him. In reality, Joseph’s                        brothers were very jealous of him, and ...
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Have you been praying for God to bring a turnaround in some area of your life?  I have good news for you. God is the God of total turnaround! When He turns a situation around or changes  your circumstances, He does a complete job — 180 degrees, if necessary. When God does something, He does it right. But you need to know that there are some principles that                    apply, regardless of the type of turnaround you are                        awaiting. Once you understand these truths, you’ll have                          a better idea of  what to expect when you’re waiting                                           for a total turnaround, whether it’s in the area of                                  your relationships, your health, your finances, or                                         any other area. God’s timing is perfect! But don’t be surprised surprised if His                                   timetable doesn’t match up with your preferred                            schedule. Sometimes  the turnaround that you                                        wish would take only days requires years instead.                                     Before turning your situation around ...
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Churches at Risk in 2014-Not Prepared for Media Dangers
CHRISTIAN NEWS Virginia Governor Vetoes Student Religious Freedom Bill
By Heather Clark   l   Christian News Network
The Democratic governor of Virginia vetoed a bill on  Friday that aimed to reinforce the religious rights of  students, stating that it infringes on other student’s desires  to be free from “coercive prayer and religious messaging”  at school events.  Senator Bill Carrico (R-Grayson County) introduced  SB 236 this year as part of his longtime fight for faith in the  public arena. The legislation reinforces students’ rights  under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to be  open about their faith without retribution or restriction.  Text of the bill outlines that it “[c]odifies the right of  students to (i) voluntarily pray or engage in religious  activities or religious expression before, during, and after  the school day in the same manner and to the same extent  that students may engage in nonreligious activities or  expression; (ii) organize prayer groups, religious clubs,  ‘see you at the pole’ gatherings, or other religious  gatherings before, during, and after school to the same  extent that students are permitted to organize other  activities and groups; and (iii) wear clothing, accessories,  or jewelry that display religious messages or religious  symbols in the same manner and to the same extent that  other types of clothing, accessories, and jewelry are  permitted.” 
BREAKING CHRISTIAN NEWS Virginia Community Colleges Suspend Speech Policy
The Virginia Community College System has  abandoned its policy, that was challenged by Christian  Parks, a student at Thomas Nelson Community College who  alleged he was prohibited from preaching on the Hampton  campus. When Christian Parks sought to preach and discuss  his religious views in an open, outdoor plaza on campus,  TNCC officials required him to stop in part because his  speech might offend someone." The suit alleged that the  campus officials took these actions because they feared his  expression would prompt complaints, and because they  wanted to pacify those who might be offended by his  expression. In taking these actions, they violated his  constitutional rights.P Parks was represented by the Alliance Defending  Freedom, a conservative law firm based in Scottsdale, AZ.  The community college agreed to suspend  enforcement while a settlement is worked out and a new  policy is developed that would not limit student speech.  (SEE  RELATED STORY BELOW) 
24th Annual “Just Pray No” Weekend for the Addicted April 26-27th
By Russ Jones   l                                          Christian News Service
The 24th Annual “Just  Pray NO!” weekend for the  addicted is scheduled for April  26 – 27, 2014. The event is  designated as the “Just Pray  NO!” to drugs Worldwide  Weekend of Prayer and  Fasting. Since April 7th, 1991 “Just Pray NO!” has  united millions of Christians from 150 nations and  territories around the world in intercessory prayer  on behalf of the addicted and their families. Confess your trespasses to one another,  and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man  avails much. James 5:16 
For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him.                                                                             John 3: 16-17