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CHRISTIAN ENCOURAGEMENT Total Turn Around in Your Finances
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CHRISTIAN INSPIRATION Is Your Faith Worth the Leap? By Gene Markland   l   The Church Guide
By Eric Metaxas    l    Break Point
Before his death on July 4, 1826, Thomas  Jefferson left explicit instructions on what the  epitaph on his tombstone should read: “Here was  buried Thomas Jefferson, Author of the  Declaration of American Independence, of the  Statute of Virginia for religious freedom, & Father  of the University of Virginia.”  Yet within a few years after his death, his  beloved University of Virginia was in deep trouble,  and what would wind up saving it would have  been a shock to its founder. As Carlos Santos and Rex Bowman tell us  in their book, “Rot, Riot and Rebellion: Mr.  Jefferson’s Struggle to Save the University That  Changed America,” Jefferson’s vision for UVA was  that of an “academical village” and a “forward-  looking community with no religious affiliation.” It  was to be a place where “Virginia’s best minds  could go to study with the world’s best scholars.” ....
How Evangelical Christianity Saved the University of Virginia
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CHRISTIAN OPINION How Should the Church Respond in Perilous Times?
By Mat Staver    l    Charisma News
The times in which we live are  unprecedented in the history of America. Every  generation thinks the cultural decline is worse than  in prior times. These times are clearly  unprecedented—at least in American history. But  the threats we face today are not unprecedented  in Judeo-Christian history, a point I will address  later. Let me give just two examples. For the first  time in world history, the citizens of a country are  being forced to participate in genocide. No  government has ever forced its citizens to  participate in genocide until now. Yet, that is what  is happening in America with the ObamaCare law,  which forces employers to provide and/or pay for  abortion-inducing drugs or devices. And many  individuals are now being required to make a  monthly payment separate from their insurance  premiums to fund abortion. 
Followers of Jesus Christ are a wonderful people of faith.  Faith sustains us in difficult times. Our faith gives us hope, joy,  and a reason to live. As we study the Word of God we find many  blessed promises, which enrich our lives. With God’s promises  also come guidelines for living.  The Bible says, “Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and  a light for my path” (Psalm 119:105 NLT).  In today’s culture, many people have the opinion that we  should live by our own standards, oblivious to the Word of God.  Some want the blessings of the promises of God, without  subjecting themselves to obedience to God. However, to truly be  happy and fulfilled, we must examine ourselves in the light of  God’s Word and live by it.   The stress and tensions of life becomes more unbearable  when lived in selfish disobedience to the Word of faith. Yet simple  submission and obedience to God’s Word relieves the stress that  disobedience, and today’s culture, imposes.
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Being a Real Man: Lessons from My Dad
by Joel L.A. Peterson “Let us pray.” My dad’s bass voice rumbled  as he bowed his head.  I was a sixteen year-old who had been  adopted at age six – a fact about me that would  play a crucial role this day. Our house was Mom’s  pride and joy. Anyone who walked into Ellen  Linquist’s home knew exactly what holiday season  it was—all the major and minor holidays and  everyone’s birthday.  I think Dad loved our home  all the more for the “Ellen Lindquist-ness” of it.   Dad was an accountant and it appealed to  him — order, seasons, rules.  But this day Mom’s  rules – and Dad’s words – would change me  forever.  After grace, I reached over to the box of  Raisin Bran when his mother fixed her bright blue  eyes on me. “Noah, isn’t that the same shirt that you  wore yesterday?” I drew my hand back from the  cereal box. “You need to go back upstairs and change  your shirt, young man.”
“That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wonderous works.”   Psalm 26:7
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Faith in God is an amazing gift. It starts the moment your  heart says: I believe Jesus is God’s Son and that He came to  rescue me. That alone is an incredible truth. But I wonder how  many Christians decide that’s where their faith ends, when the  truth is, there’s so much more to believe for in this life!  One of the reasons I think this happens is because many  Christians feel they don’t measure up to what they think they  should be. They get stuck focusing on their weaknesses and  mistakes, rather than focusing on who God is and what He’s  doing in and around them.  John 3:17 (AMP) tells us, “God did not send                                     the Son into the world in order to judge (to reject,                                       to condemn, to pass sentence on) the world, but                                            that the world might find salvation and be made                                           safe and sound through Him.” Jesus is not only your Savior; He’s your                                           advocate. And He wants you to start believing God                                       for much more than a trip to heaven.                                        Faith Is the Answer to Every Problem The Bible says the just shall                                                               live by faith (Hebrews 10:38). ..
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Newly Found Document Holds Eyewitness Account of Jesus Performing a Miracle
Historian and archivist Ignazio Perrucci, was  hired by the Vatican authorities in 2012, to sort,  analyze and classify some 6,000 ancient  documents that had been uncovered in the gigantic  archive vaults. He was already very excited when  he noticed that the author of the text was the  famous Roman historian Velleius, but he was  completely stunned when he realized the nature of  the content. The text as a whole is a narrative of the  author’s return journey from Parthia to Rome that  occurred in 31 AD, recorded in a highly rhetorical  style of four sheets of parchment. He describes  many different episodes taking place during his trip,  like a a violent sandstorm in Mesopotamia and visit  to a temple in Melitta (modern day Mdina, in Malta).  The part of the text that really caught M.  Perrucci’s attention is an episode taking place in  the city of Sebaste (near modern day Nablus, in the  West Bank). The author first describes the arrival of  a great leader  in the town with a group of disciples  and followers, causing many of the lower class  people from neighbouring villages to gather around  them. According to Velleius, that great man’s name  was Iēsous de Nazarenus, a Greco-Latin  translation of Jesus’ Hebrew name, Yeshua  haNotzri 
Why Restricting Religious Freedom Endangers All Freedoms
By Eric Metaxas    l    BreakPoint
Religious freedom is the source of all of our freedoms.  In a fantastic address at Cedarville University in Ohio, John  Stonestreet quoted the French philosopher Luc Ferry, an atheist,  who acknowledged the West’s debt to Christianity. Ferry wrote that “Christianity was to introduce the notion  that humanity was fundamentally identical, that men were equal  in dignity—an unprecedented idea at the time, and one to which  our world owes its entire democratic inheritance.”  .
Do you find that it is easier to walk by faith in every area except for your finances? Money can be the most difficult thing to surrender to God. We all have preconceived ideas of how God’s provision will be brought about for our lives. People who have grown up in government housing may unconsciously believe that their          provision comes from the government.       Working-class people generally                              believe that their provision comes                             from their paycheck. Business owners                      and investors often have the                                                 mind-set that their provision                                                             comes from their investments,                                                                              their customers, or their                                             savings. In reality, our provision                        comes from the Lord. Your current                                income source is just a means                                   through which your provision is                                                  being funneled.