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CHRISTIAN OPINION How Should the Church Respond in Perilous Times?
By Mat Staver    l    Charisma News
The times in which we live are  unprecedented in the history of America. Every  generation thinks the cultural decline is worse than  in prior times. These times are clearly  unprecedented—at least in American history. But  the threats we face today are not  unprecedented in Judeo-Christian  history, a point I will address later. Let me give just two  examples. For the first time in  world history, the citizens of a  country are being forced to  participate in genocide. No government has ever  forced its citizens to participate in genocide until  now. Yet, that is what is happening in America with the ObamaCare law, which forces employers to  provide and/or pay for abortion-inducing drugs or  devices. And many individuals are now being  required to make a monthly payment separate  from their insurance premiums to fund abortion. 
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How Can Churches / Ministries Protect Themselves in the Wake of the Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Ruling?
By Erik Stanley
     By now, you have heard the U.S. Supreme  Court issued its long-anticipated decision that  imposed a 50-state same-sex marriage mandate.  Pastors and churches have exhibited a great  degree of uncertainty preceding this moment,  wondering what the effect will be on their  ministry. Now that the decision has been  released, we can respond with greater clarity.        Here are the immediate things you need to  know .....
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Supreme Court’s Same Sex Marriage Decision is Judicial Tyranny and ‘A Threat to American Democracy’ .... Expect Christian Persecution
By Thomas More
  June 26th, a committee of five un-elected  lawyers ignoring the expressed will of an  overwhelming majority of Americans, ruled that  the definition of marriage as the union of one  man and one women, which has existed for  thousands of years, is unconstitutional. In the  process the majority dispelled the concept “that  we are a government of laws, not of men.”  Four Justices wrote stinging dissents.  Justice Scalia wrote that the majority opinion is  “a threat to American democracy.”  Scalia went  on: “This is a naked judicial claim to  legislative—indeed, super-legislative—power; a  claim fundamentally at odds with our system of  government…. A system of government that  makes the People subordinate to a committee of  nine unelected lawyers does not deserve to be  called a democracy.” Of the 35 States that voted on the issue of  same-sex marriage, 32 States opted to retain the  traditional definition of marriage.  In fact,.... 
Ex-Lesbian Shares How She Discovered Freedom in Christ
By Janet Boynes
Sometimes the hurt in our hearts cuts so  deeply that even hope seems impossible. I am  writing this because I have been at that place in my  life, where I felt I was without love and without hope,  and I want my story to be an example for all who feel  that they are in a similar place. I know that love can be found and hope can  be renewed, but only if we turn to the One who truly  loves us. I want you to know God loves you! There  are no ifs, ands or buts. He loves you no matter who  you are, no matter what you've done, no matter  where you've been. Nothing will ever ever change  His love for you.  Do you know He sees your tears and cries  with you? He feels every hurt you endure as if the  pain were His own. The shortest verse in the English  Bible is one of the most powerful: "Jesus wept."  (John 11:35) Standing outside the tomb of his friend  Lazarus, the emotions spilled over, and Jesus  audibly cried. Jesus weeps with us. The tears prove  He cares. And in moments of personal or national  pain, knowing God cares is far more important than  knowing why He cares. He doesn't say buck up; be a  big boy; don't cry; or come now, it doesn't hurt.....
So What Do Christians Do Now .......
By Jim DeMint
Conservatives and Christians are reeling after two  outrageous decisions last week by the Supreme Court. In one  case they reinterpreted Obamacare so that “established by the  state” magically meant “or the federal government.” In another,  they redefined marriage—even though nothing in our  Constitution gives the court the authority to do that.  What do we do now?  The Obamacare case is the simpler of the two when it  comes to next steps. While the court refused to enforce the  plain meaning of the text, Congress can still vote to repeal  Obamacare and replace it with patient-focused, market-based  healthcare reforms that will truly serve all Americans.  Obamacare remains unworkable, unaffordable and unpopular.  Congress must act to repeal it. Responding to the marriage decision will be more  complicated. It will require a commitment to the long haul. This  bad decision cannot be remedied in any single bill, or vote or  election cycle—though all of those can certainly soften the  blow. The problem is that right when American citizens were in  the middle of crucially important deliberations about marriage  policy, five unelected judges shut down that democratic  process and declared the conversation closed.... 
Virginia Beach joins Second National Day of Protest at Planned Parenthood Facilities October 10th over Trafficking in Aborted Baby Body Parts
     On August 22, over 78,000 people attended  protests at over 300 Planned Parenthood  centers, protesting that organization’s practice of  harvesting and selling the body parts of aborted  children, as revealed in a series of undercover  videos released over the past three months. On  October 10, the #ProtestPP coalition will again  bring protests to hundreds of Planned  Parenthood locations, including their center at  515 Newtown Road in Virginia Beach.     Despite the controversy created by the  undercover videos—including possible illegal  activity— Planned Parenthood continues to  receive over $500 million from state and federal  governments. The organizers of #ProtestPP are  calling for an end to this massive taxpayer  subsidy for the nation’s largest abortion chain,  and calling on all Americans of good will to  oppose Planned Parenthood, especially by  joining the growing pro-life presence at their  hundreds of centers around the country.       “These undercover videos have shown the  cruelty of abortion in a singular way,” said  Louantha Kerr, Hope 4 Life. “It’s chilling to see  Planned Parenthood’s doctors talk about how to  crush an unborn child’s body in order to  maximize profits from tissue sales. But too few of  our fellow Americans have seen these videos.  Our protest will invite everyone to learn the truth  about Planned Parenthood, and to recognize that  this injustice is taking place right here, in our own  community.”      For more information please contact:  Louantha Kerr, Hope 4 Life, 757-810-1653, louantha@gmail.
“That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wonderous works.”   Psalm 26:7
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Our thoughts are connected to every single area of our  lives. They affect our words, moods, attitudes, the choices we  make, and even our relationship with God and others. They also  affect our emotional and physical health.  In fact, research shows that 75 to 98 percent of mental,  physical, and behavioral illness comes from one’s thought life.1  The mind and body are definitely connected!  For instance, did you know you can stress yourself out by  the way you think? So often, we believe our circumstances are to  blame for our unhappiness, however it’s the way we think about  our circumstances that causes worry and stress. Stress is a modern-day epidemic. It’s been                                proven to cause issues like muscle tension,                                  headaches, breathing irregularities, increased                                              heart rate, artery inflammation, gastro-intestinal                                problems, constipation and diarrhea.2 And that’s                                       only a few of the symptoms! The good news is God has given us the                                answer for worry and stress. What’s his                                                            prescription?
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