“That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wonderous works.”   Psalm 26:7

Are Your Kids Worshipping Baal?

I had just been reading my Bible in my regular devotional time this

summer when my attention was consistently drawn to the Old

Testament stories about Baal worship. There were stories like

Elijah challenging the prophets of Baal during the reign of King

Ahab and his wicked wife Jezebel (a woman who was actually

named after Baal (her name means “ the Lord [or Baal] exists”).

She’s often accused of pulling her Jewish husband’s allegiance

away from the Most High God of heaven and earth to devotion to

Baal. That’s what I had always thought anyway, until the Holy Spirit

began pointing out little details I had somehow missed before. For

instance, it was in this story that Elijah began to shout at those

Baal worshipping Jews, “How long will you falter between two

opinions? If Baal is god then worship him, but if God be God then

worship him.”

It wasn’t they that they had chosen Baal over God---they were

worshipping both Gods side by side. That’s why in Deuteronomy

16:21 it says, “You must never set up an Asherah pole (the female

version of Baal) beside the altar of the Lord your God.” I had

already noticed in the story of Balaam earlier that he built his three

separate altars of stone and killed seven bulls and seven rams all

three times in order to practice his divination of calling on demonic

spirits to help him put curses on Israel. I kept thinking, “Where is it

that we see the sacrificing of bulls and rams on stone altars?”

That’s what God commanded His people to do from the days of

Abraham! It became clear to me that even Balaam, the Canaanite

magician, knew something about worshipping Yahweh and he was mixing his

religious practices with his magic! Today we have a word for

that—SYNCRENISM. It’s the blending of two opposing religious views together.

It’s very alive and well in places like Africa where Christians will go to church on

Sunday to get prayer for healing, then go straight to the local witchdoctor to do

his magic potions over the same illness.

So I did a study on Baal worship. It now had my attention. I discovered there

were four distinct qualities of Baal worship in the Old Testament. The first has

long been common knowledge—the sacrificing by fire of the first child to the

Baals. The second is also common knowledge—extreme sexual immorality as

Baal worship is a fertility cult. It was basically a religious system that

worshipped sex right down to performing male and female prostitution in the

temples. But the next two areas I had never really noticed before. Baal worship

was a worship of the earth, sun, moon, and stars. They held religious holidays

around the seasons again based on their crops growing and harvest.

The Canaanites around them believed Baal was the god that controlled the rain

and sun, that is why Elijah’s challenge had to do with rain. By declaring that

there would be no rain until he said so, he was proving to them that it was the

Most High God that was the God of the rain and not Baal.

Finally Baal worship, as demonstrated by Balaam, fully had to do with magic,

interaction with evil spirits, incantations, and casting spells.

It all started making sense now. Over the years as I have studied this current

religious climate with the younger generation, I had read repeatedly how this is

a generation of kids, teens, and young adults think nothing of mixing religious

beliefs—a little bit of New Age, with a tad of Wicca, and a dab of eastern

religions, thrown in the pot with some basic Christian beliefs. It seems that this

generation bases it’s belief systems, not on a book like the Bible, but on what

they experience. If they have significant experiences with their religious

experimentation, the experience trumps what is written in a book, including the

Bible. And unfortunately few of them have ever had significant “experiences” in

their Christian faith. That’s why if a child has a significant experience with Harry

Potter, but has never had a significant experience with Jesus, he is so easily

enamored with the young warlock.

As I reflected on the Baal worship of the Old Testament I was starkly aware that

it was alive and well in the earth today. We have child sacrifice (abortion), we

definitely are a culture that worships sex, and never in my lifetime have we ever

seen such interest and a flooding of the entertainment industry with magic and

the supernatural. The New York Times recently reported twenty years ago

when asked less than 12% of the population claimed ever having a paranormal

experience. Today at least 65% of the population claim to have had at least


But that last part—the worship of the earth—was a new thought. And it is

something that I even hesitate to bring up because it causes such division and

strong opinions. Today we have the new “green movement.” The “radical

environmentalists” who by definition have been called by some as the “new

religious movement” view the destruction of things like the rain forest or trees

as an attack on a SACRED, natural world. Slogans like “save the planet” or

“save the rain forest” have become our children’s mantras. They are taught

from kindergarten to “go green,” “save the baby whales,” or to “stop global


But radical environmentalism is all about “reconnecting with nature,” or making

nature sacred again. It’s being politically active in defense of “mother earth.”

Radical environmentalists include groups such as Earth Liberationists, Green

anarchists, neo-pagans, and Wiccans. And of course don’t forget the animal

rights activists who frequently put the welfare of animals over the importance of


There are some reports that claim that Wicca is the fastest growing religion of

choice among our teenagers. I knew almost nothing about Wicca until recently.

But get this—Wicca is all about the worship of the earth and nature! Listen to

some of the statements from their leaders:

“If you take a copy of the Christian Bible and put it out in the wind and the rain,

soon the paper on which the words are printed will disintegrate and the words


“When one defines oneself as pagan, it means he follows an earth or a nature

religion and he sees the divine manifest in creation.” (That is not to be

confused with looking at nature and seeing the beauty of God’s creation—they

are saying creation IS God!)

“The cycles of nature are our holy days, the earth is our temple, and its plants

and creatures are our partners and teachers.”

“We worship a god that is both male and female, a mother goddess (thus the

“mother earth” connotation) and a father god who together created all that was

or will be.” (I’ve always wondered where we got the term “Mother Nature!” It

surely does not come from the Bible!)

And, oh, by the way, Wiccans called themselves witches and use magic in their

religious practices, though they will be quick to tell you it’s not used to bring

harm but only good to others.

Bottom line—Baal worship is alive and well in our cultures again today, and

anyone who dares disagree with it is ridiculed and called names, and our kids

are in the thick of it. Just know this if you are a born again Christian who claims

the Word of God as your standard, there is nothing about you that is politically

correct! Political correctness was designed to shut you up!

What does the Bible say about all of this? Do we even know? When Jesus

went up on the mountains to be alone and pray, He was not going up there to

“commune with nature!” There is such a fine line, and because this article is

short, I am surely leaving something out that will draw the ire of some. But the

tragedy is most of our children and teens have no clue how to filter what is

being said and done in the world around them with what the Bible says. That is

they do not, as many adults Christians do not, have a Biblical worldview. Check

this out:

While our kids and teens are spending much of their time trying to save the

planet, God says, “Heaven and earth will pass away with a loud noise and the

elements will be dissolved with fire, and the earth will be burned up.” (2 Peter


He says, in 2 Peter 3:13 and Revelation 21:1 that He’s going to give us a new

heaven and a new earth! So while people are running around trying to save the

planet, God says “You’re wasting your time because it’s going to be destroyed!”

Any effort to save the earth forever is opposite to God’s revealed plan!

Don’t get me wrong! I am not saying you shouldn’t recycle. I am not saying we

should be wasteful, or that we shouldn’t be good stewards of our precious

resources. But when we begin to put nature, the earth, and animal rights and

needs above people and God’s plan, we have crossed a very fine line into Baal


Jesus didn’t die for the planet and the animals. He wasn’t nailed to the cross for

lions and tigers and bears. It bothers me to no end when I hear of eight and

nine year old kids who have decided to be “vegans” because they feel sorry for

the animals having to be killed. Sorry! But that’s a perverted mercy gift! When

man begins to worship the creation more than the creator (and man was made

in the image

of that Creator!) then we’ve crossed a line. We can either let the world teach

our kids to save baby whales, or we can teach them to save souls!

It was graphically brought home to me earlier this year when I went to see a

movie with two of my children’s pastor friends. We had some time on our hands

at the end of a weeklong conference, and decided to see a movie. We all

agreed to see Avatar, not because we knew anything about it, but solely based

on the fact that so many of the Christian parents in our churches were sending

their kids to it. So we thought it must be pretty good.

It was all I could do to sit there and not walk out—but I decided I wanted to see

it through to the end. From start to finish, front to back, I have never seen such

a strong New Age message—right down to the worship of that grand old tree

(which by the way is called ‘the tree of souls’)! Where is our discernment? How

can we not see what is going on around us? Without a strong knowledge of

God’s word neither we nor our children will be able to stand against the Baal

worship of our day. Without realizing it we will set up Asherah poles next to the

altar of God in our hearts until the prophet Elijah rises up once again to say,

“How long will you falter between two opinions? If Baal is God then worship

him. But if God is God then worship Him!”


Becky Fischer is the founder and director of Kids In Ministry International. It is

most cutting edge apostolic, prophetic ministry for children and those who

minister to them. Our mission is to redefine children's ministry in the 21st

century by raising up this generation as active members in the body of Christ.