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“The church in the workplace is the purest form of the body of Christ today due to its diversity. Workplace believers are less prone to denominational differences because they have a common goal of representing Christ in their workplaces.” Os Hillman, International Coalition of Workplace Ministries
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CHRISTIANS IN BUSINESS Do You Advertise As a Christian Business?
This is a serious question for many business owners. Should you  advertise your business as Christian and risk backlash from non-Christian  customers, or accept it fully and be completely honest with your market? As Christians and business professionals, we ponder the pros and cons  of how Christian businesses are accepted. While being honest about Christian  principles and values for a business may prove risky in some markets, I believe  it’s what we’re called to do.
Meeting the Second and Fourth Fridays of the Month
Sale or Not to Sale .....
By Ron McKinney   l   The Church Guide
“Remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you the ability to produce wealth.” Deuteronomy 8:18
Fall is here, finally.  It seems as though we all have a better outlook and  energy to get things done.  I am seeing Garage Sale advertising already.  Spring  is a good time to go through those attics, closets, garages and any other  cluttered places in your home, to eliminate items we have not used for a while.   What is stopping us from completing these tasks?  Time and making decisions.   To do a good job it will take time and making decisions actually slows down the  process thusly taking more time. Let’s consider the amount of time for the garage sale.  Cleaning out those cluttered spaces.  This can take a few hours to a couple of days.  What to keep, sell, throw away, give to family or give to a charity are a consideration for each item.  If you keep it, we must decide where it truly belongs.  If you sell it, it needs to be cleaned and made presentable.  If you throw it away a dumpster is easy but it may require a visit to the land fill.  If you give it to family do they really desire it or does it become their clutter. ...
North Carolina Restaurant Gives “Praying in Public” Discount
A restaurant in Winston-Salem, North Carolina offers a surprising deal. If  patrons pray before their meal, they receive 15 percent off. Mary’s Gourmet Diner  has been giving praying customers a break for four years, but the unpublicized  discount is only just now gaining attention. Restaurant owner Mary Haglund said the discount is intended to be a kind  gesture for people who take the time to give thanks. “For me, every plate of food is a  gift. And I never take that for granted and when I see someone in a restaurant  honoring their gratefulness at my touches my heart,” she said. As the child of a preacher and missionary in the Philippines, Mary Haglund is  very familiar with poverty and need. And she knows how important it is to have a  grateful heart for what you do have. For that reason, when Mary sees one of her  customers giving thanks before their meal, she will reward their gratitude.  She’ll discount their bill by 15 percent. "For me, every plate of food is a gift. And I never take  that for granted and when I see someone in a restaurant  honoring their gratefulness at my table," Mary told The  Blaze, "it touches my heart." While Mary has not made it a mandatory practice at  her restaurant; she has reportedly instructed her staff that  whenever they witness someone "praying in public" before  their meal, a server can give them the discount if they feel  compelled to do so. Jordan Smith visited the diner and was surprised to  see $6.07 taken off her $40.50 bill. When she posted a photo of the receipt to  Facebook, it piqued national interest.  “[We] prayed over our meal and the waitress  came over at the end of the meal and said, ‘Just so you know, we gave you a 15  percent discount for praying,’ which I’d never seen before,” Smith said.  
A Little Known Fact About Union Dues
James Sherk, senior policy analyst in labor economics for The Heritage  Foundation, says one thing many workers and even union members do not know  is just how "left-wing" most major unions are on social issues. "For example, the United Food and Commercial Workers gave $10,000 to  Planned Parenthood, America's largest abortion provider, last year," he reports.  "That was union members' dues [that] went directly to subsidize performing  abortions. The Service Employees International Union gave $25,000 to Planned  Parenthood's Action Fund and then another $25,000 to subsidize the daily  operations, which included over 300,000 abortions at Planned Parenthood last  year." Sherk adds that most major unions have also passed resolutions  supporting abortion on demand.  "And they are very hostile to the notion of marriage being a union of a man  and a woman," the analyst continues. "Many workers who belong to unions and  pay union dues aren't aware that their dues often times go to causes that they in  many cases strongly oppose." The AFL-CIO, which has not returned e-mails requesting interviews, has  voiced its support for immigration reform, an issue that even some Republican  lawmakers favor, in addition to abortion rights and same-sex "marriage." Still,  some other lawmakers and voters on the center-right do not support such  platforms. 
Standing on Faith May Cost Them Their Business
New York's Division of Human Rights recently found  Liberty Ridge Farm guilty of discrimination for refusing to  allow their property to be used for a wedding ceremony for  two lesbians. Jason McGuire of New Yorkers for  Constitutional Freedoms points out that the owners are  Christians who object to participating in same-sex  ceremonies because of their faith.   “Now with that being said, I'm thankful that the  Giffords, the farm owners, have actually drawn a line in the  sand and are not going to participate in those ceremonies,  but sadly it's going to cost them their business,” he says.  “They will be doing no more ceremonies at their farm.”  The state has fined the Giffords $10,000 and awarded  damages of $1,500 to each of the lesbians, totaling $13,000.  McGuire agrees that what activists want is for Christians to  shut up or be shut down, but it takes government  involvement in the form of discrimination to accomplish the  goals of activists. “That's why our organization is standing with the  Giffords and Liberty Ridge Farm.”   We've established a Liberty Fund. The public can visit to participate in that, but we'd like to  stand in solidarity financially with this family farm. In  whatever fines they are facing, we’d like them to be joined by  Christians all across the country saying You don't stand  alone when you stand for what is right.”  McGuire points out that a $13,000 bill from the state is  a substantial blow for any small business owner. 
Surrendering Her Restaurant To God Didn’t Sound Like a Good ‘Business Coach’ Idea -- Until She Tripled Her Revenue
In hard times, she decided to put her money where  her faith was: She handed her cash register over to the  Lord.  “Sometimes you just have to give control back to  God,” North Carolina restaurant owner Dana Parris told  the Gaston Gazette. Parris’ diner, Just Cookin, had been struggling  over the two years since it opened, so she tried a radical  strategy to rescue her business: She said she put it in  God’s hands by letting customers decide how much they  want to pay for their meals.  “[The Lord] just came to me and said I don’t need  to do it, I need to let him do it,” Parris said. “The way I  could show I was giving God control was to give him  control of the cash register.”  Parris said the move has done nothing but good  things for her restaurant.  A few people in need have been able to eat and  pay very little, while many more people have opened up  their hearts — and their wallets — and paid a lot more  than the going rate.  “You stepped out on faith,” patron Roger Self  recalled telling Parris. “I’m going to step out on faith, too.”  Self said he then paid her twice the normal price  for his grilled chicken sandwich.  “I thought that [letting customers choose prices]  probably wouldn’t be the recommendation of a business  coach,” Self added, “but if the Lord is the coach, then  how could she go wrong?”  All told, Parris said Just Cookin’s revenues have  tripled since she adopted the “pay what it’s worth to you”  policy — and the benefits of handing control over to God  have been spiritual and well as financial.  “There’s just a happiness and peace around here,”  Parris said.
Christian-Owned Bridal    Shop Under Fire for Declining Lesbian Gown Fitting
By Heather Clark   l   Christian News
A Christian-owned bridal shop in Pennsylvania is under fire for declining  to schedule a gown fitting for two lesbian women.  According to reports, an unidentified woman called W.W. Bridal  Boutique in Bloomsburg recently to schedule a gown fitting for herself and her  lesbian partner. When the owner, Victoria Miller, declined by stating that the  business could not accommodate the request, the woman took to Facebook to  post about the matter. “Unfortunately, she would not be able to schedule an appointment for us  because they currently do not service same-sex couples — it’s just not  something they do,” the unidentified woman said.  “We feel we have to answer to God for what we do,” Miller told reporters  this week. “And providing those two girls dresses for a sanctified marriage  would break God’s law.” 
9 to 5: The New Window for Missions
By Mac Pier
Jesus probably spent more time in the  marketplace than anywhere else. Of His 132 public  appearances recorded in the New Testament, 122  were in the marketplace. Over 85 percent of the  parables Jesus told had a workplace context.  This fall, business leaders will join other  Christian leaders from every sector of society when  they convene at Movement Day in New York City for  the fifth consecutive year. The idea is to transform  cities through "Gospel Movements" by showing  marketplace leaders that their influence in the  workplace is a fundamental key to that transformation.  Since vast numbers of people spend the  majority of their waking time at work or work-related  events, it makes sense that Christians in the  workplace devote a significant amount of time  investing in workplace relationships with the ultimate  goal being sharing to introduce others to God and His  ways. I believe that with the right attitude and  approach, Christians in the workplace have an  unprecedented opportunity to influence people from  all walks of life and in the process, see the Kingdom  of God advanced and their cities changed.  While many believe that the marketplace is a  key place to transform cities for Christ, many also do  not understand the call to let their faith lead them in  business—but that is beginning to change.  A friend of mine, Bob Doll, recently posed the  question: "Why is there not more transformation in the  marketplace?" His answer was, "because we haven't  taken seriously the concept of our calling in the  workplace. God has a holy calling for each of us."  Billy Graham has said the marketplace in this  century will be for the spread of the gospel what the  medical profession was last century. Do you work  heartily for the Lord as a marketplace person? We  now have a 9-5 window as opposed to the 10/40  window. We need to match our action and attitudes to  God's, and Movement Day seeks to do that very thing.  During the one-day event, there are multiple  tracks available. For example, in the Faith & Work  Interactive Track, marketplace leaders will gather with  other faith leaders from organizations such as Center  for Faith and Work with Redeemer City to City, Cru,  Theology of Work Project, The Navigators, New  Canaan Society and others from around the world to  hear from some of the greatest minds on urban  ministry, to share ideas and establish measurable  goals that will lead to lasting gospel movements in  their cities. It is not just about discussion, but  mobilizing Christian leaders to address some of the  crippling spiritual and social issues of our time.  While most conferences often focus on church  leaders, this congress goes beyond a single day to  convene and mobilize Christian leaders from not only  the church, but from business, government, nonprofits  and para-church ministries as well. It is conducted in  collaboration with Tim Keller as featured faculty and  co-hosted by American Bible Society and World  Vision. The goal is to encourage marketplace leaders  and inspire them as gospel city movement  practitioners, to understand there are opportunities for  them to apply their gifts and talents to help accelerate  a strategic gospel impact in their city.
7 Things Christians Should Know About Faith in the Workplace
By Liberty Institute
Amid growing hostility toward religion, more  questions than ever before have arisen concerning what  kinds of religious expression are allowed in the  workplace—and to what extent. Adapted from a talk given  by Liberty Institute General Counsel Jeff Mateer, here are  seven things every business person should know about  faith in the workplace.  1. You cannot discriminate on the basis of religion.  This means religion cannot be used as a factor in hiring  decisions, promotions, treating employees unequally, or  harassment. 2. You do not lose your religious-liberty rights by  engaging in business. The U.S. Supreme Court's  recent decision in the Hobby Lobby case quashes the  notion that Americans lose their religious rights by  engaging in business. The case affirmed that all  Americans—including business owners—have the rights  to live and work according to their beliefs without fear of  government compelling them to violate their beliefs.  Perhaps most importantly, the Supreme Court ruled that  courts are not permitted to question whether or not a  religious belief is reasonable, meaning that your sincerely  held religious beliefs are yours alone.  3. A business can be run on religious principles. An  employer does not discriminate on the basis of religion by  affirming the faith of its owners in business objectives,  and business owners are not required to abandon their  faith when setting principles and ethics for their company.  A businessperson of faith is free to run his or her  business according to the ethics they have learned via  religious instruction. 4. You may engage in religious speech in the  workplace. Employers may talk to employees about  faith, so long as faith is not a requirement for continued  employment or advancement within the company.  Employers cannot, however, take adverse action against  an employee for disagreeing with their religious views.