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The Steele household is not your average American  family, with fifteen children, five grandchildren, and over  twenty-one fostered children through the years. Dana Wynn Steele, a speaker on domestic, trans-racial,  and open adoption, shares her family's roller coaster ride with  ups, downs, twists, and turns in her new book, A Starfish at a  Time, scheduled to release this fall with Carpenter's Son  Publishing. “Adoption in the United States through foster care takes  commitment,” says Steele, “but the rewards are much more  abundant than the commitment itself.” Steele's book guides  readers through the challenging maze, seeming  insurmountable at times, of adopting through foster care. The author's personal stories of difficulties and joys of  parenting children who have never experienced heart  warming. Parents, pastors, teachers, social workers, and  anyone  with a heart for vulnerable children will glean spiritual  truths, blessings, and lessons through Dana and her family's  unique journey. All proceeds from the sale of A Starfish at a Time will go  to their non-profit organization, Homestead Ranch. For more information on how to help these children, go  to To learn more about A Starfish at a Time, visit About the Author: Dana Wynn Steele is an attorney, former  judge, author, and speaker on adoption and adoption related  issues. She and her husband, Alan, have an ever growing  family including fifteen children (with probably more to come),  and five grandchildren. They have fostered an additional  twenty-one children over the last twenty years. They are  opening Homestead Ranch for homeless girls who age out of  foster care, or are pregnant, on their ranch in Suffolk, Virginia
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Homestead Ranch for Girls in Suffolk, Virginia
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CHRISTIAN eBOOKS Religious eBooks Excel While Print Declines
Maintaining an upward trend in e-book sales,  religious presses reported a more than 20% increase for  all of 2012 versus January-December 2011, with sales  of more than $57 million, according to the latest figures  available from the Association of American Publishers  (AAP).  Overall, religious book sales for 2012 versus  2011 saw a more than 5% drop to $576.6 million.  For the month of December, religious presses  saw hardcover sales decline more than 22% compared  to December 2011. Religious paperback sales also  decreased 25% in December 2012, while e-books were  up 2.6%.  Religious paperback sales experienced a more  than 16% decrease for all of 2012 versus January-  December 2011, with sales of more than $171 million. In  the same date range, religious hardcover sales were  down more than 3%, with sales of more than $294  million.  With nearly 1,200 publishers reporting, AAP's  Monthly StatShot report included data from Crossway,  Gospel Light, Moody Publishers, David C Cook, Thomas  Nelson and Tyndale House Publishers, among others  represented by the Evangelical Christian Publishers  Association. 
God, The Master Chess Player is the first in what is  meant to be a continuing series of brief accounts by John  Vasilake of Virginia Beach, where God has worked in the  life of the author—and those around him—revealing His  faithful presence and fulfilling His promises.   Divided into five distinct portions, Mr. Vasilake  shares in a friendly, conversational manner very  personal anecdotes about everyday situations that are infused with the transcendent presence of God. A brief but lively book that speaks to his  wonder and gratitude at God’s presence and care  in his life. It is good for him to share his  testimony, and those who read it will be encouraged  and moved 
CHRISTIAN BOOKS Amazon Targets Christian Readers with New Faith Based Imprint; Debuts Books from Popular ‘Waiting on God’ and ‘Rest of God’ Authors
Written by Nicola Menzie  l  Christian Post  Amazon Publishing has announced the  launch of a new Christian imprint called Waterfall  Press that will focus on getting faith-based  romance and mystery titles, along with inspirational  works, into the hands of Christian consumers.  Leading the pack of new titles on the way are  works from popular inspirational authors Cherie Hill  and Mark Buchanan. The partnership, announced Thursday,  includes Brilliance Publishing, an  company known for its audiobooks production that  also will now publish this new faith-based content.  The debut titles tailored for Christian readers  include (per a press release): Mark Buchanan's The Four Best Places to  Live (February 2014), which reveals the surprising  truth about how the best places to live are not  based on climate, employment opportunities, or  cost of living, but rather on places to experience  joy, peace, and belonging according to Scripture. Best-selling, self-published author Cherie  Hill's When You Need a Miracle (April 2014), which  discusses the critical steps of faith you need when  you find yourself at life's most challenging  crossroads. The Quiet Revolution by Jay Hein (June  2014). Hein, Director of the White House Office of  Faith-Based and Community Initiatives under  President George W. Bush, provides an insider's  perspective on how presidents have rallied  Americans to serve their nation by volunteering in  their individual communities and speaks to the  importance of service in improving lives around the  world.  Shorter works will also be on the publication  list for Waterfall Press, including a titles by Pastor  Bryan Wilkerson of Grace Chapel in Lexington,  Mass. (Living Deep, March 2014) and Pastor Dan  Meyer of Christ Church in Chicago (Discovering  God, April 2014). Evangelical magazine Christianity Today also will be responsible for publication of some titles,  while editorial oversight of Waterfall Press falls  under Tammy Faxel, previously of Tyndale House  Publishers and Oasis Press. The Barna Group, a Christian-owned  research company,reported several years ago that  half of all Americans read Christian books, with  evangelical adults and teens being the primary  consumers of such products.
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The Greatest Awakening of the Church is at Hand
The greatest spiritual awakening, revival, and change to the  church landscape are at hand. Insight, understanding and  encouragement about this remarkable reformation of the church,  and the good reason and great purpose for it, are found in my book  Outside the Camp – The Wisdom, Humility, and Power of the  Church.  As the author and as an  Australian, I have personally deeply  known and ministered the grace and  truth of the gospel for many years,  across the board of the church, in  Australia and beyond. Currently, I  serve in overseeing and leading  Grace Church in Ulverstone,  Tasmania (an island state of  Australia), Iron Sharpens Iron (in  building the broader church), and  Kingdom’s Call (gathering the wider  church to discern and respond to  what the Spirit is saying to God’s  people).  Many have known and sensed  that great spiritual change (like  change from one season to another  in the natural brings) is not only happening for Christians, but also  that we are on the verge of far, far greater change yet. Outside the  Camp through Scripture, dreams, a vision, and a personal journey  of humility, addresses the welcome extraordinary shift, as well as  resistance and opposition against such profound change, among  other things. At the outset of the book I write about an unexpected and  sobering awakening that literally happened during the middle of the  night. I was awoken out of my sleep to see something prophetically  crucial for the church to understand in the context of Acts chapters  6-7. Immediately following gaining this insight from the Word of God  during that night, I was then given to see the message with even  greater clarity, through a dream I then had that same night.  In the dream I was shown “winds” of this spiritual awakening,  revival and reformation upon us, and their church-landscape-  changing power, and an age-old resistance to such winds. An  extremely pertinent question that the book raises is, “Are you with  the winds or resisting them?”  Outside the Camp is a vigorously fresh, exciting while  sobering perspective about where the church is, where on the one  hand it is on “life-support,” and where on the other hand it is getting  a “new heart.” What makes this such good and welcoming news  with God’s sovereignty in this remarkable shift, as much as anything  is in this: with just how real (authentic), open-hearted, and life-giving  the changed landscape and atmosphere of church, as we think of it,  will result from it. The wisdom, humility, and power of the church are returning!  The love of God in the cross of Jesus will be glorious and real not  only as much as they have ever been but also even much better  yet. Yes, to grasp how this might seem in its impact on the church to use an analogy, is like the distinction between the rich freshness  and freedom in spirit that the season of Spring brings, after having  lived restricted and bound by forces and pressures beyond your  control with a Winter season. Outside the Camp illuminates the replacing of the lens  through which the church will see itself and the world in turn will see  the church. The church (the body of Christ throughout the earth, in  all its shapes and sizes, and with all its labels) will no longer see the  kingdom of God through the lens of church, but rather, the church  across the earth will see itself through the lens of its Lord and His  kingdom. This dramatic change afoot will be the result of a dramatic  shift in focus. If you have ever had anything to do with the church,  or are a part of it, let your heart be restored, awakened, stretched  and encouraged by this welcome and very good news. 
God’s Mysteries and Paradoxes:   Looking Through the Glass, Darkly  Author: Dr. Carroll M. Helm 
Author: Coling Brown 
Many Christians understand that they are in a constant  battle betwen the forces of good and evil. Yet, too often they don’t  understand why God allows the things he does on the earth.  As author, Dr. Carroll Helm explores in his new book, God’s  Mysteries and Paradoxes: Looking Through the Glass, Darkly, the  forces of good and evil are intentionally paradoxical. They  represent a struggle between the metaphysical forces of God and  His angels and Satan whith his demons. These paradoxes are  created by God to bring unique enlightenment to the faithful, while  confounding early wisdom.  Paradoxes also keep believers humble by showing them  that God’s ways are not always man’s ways. “For this is what the  high and lofty One says—he who lives forever, whose name is  holy; I live in a high and holy place but also with him who is  contrite and lowly in spirit, to revive the spirit of the lowly and to  revive the heart of the contrite (Isaiah 57: 15).”   This book introduces the reader to the ancient idea of “The  Divine Paradox” written by Hermes Tristmegistus (thrice great) in  The Divine Pylander. An additional book, Corpus Hermeticum,  was translated by Marsilo Ficino during the early Renaissance  and helps frame the philosophical  paradox of nature versus faith. This  book, along with other fragments  written by Hermes Trismegistus,  was translated in the early 1400s  and caused a rebirth of its  teachings during the Renaissance.  Modern secret societies and the  occult are using much of the same  knowledge to deceive people in the  world today. Evidence shows Albertus  Magnus, Roger Bacon, and the  Knights Templar possessed ancient  knowledge and from it gave rise to  secret organizations and societies  operating today, including the  Illuminati, Freemasons, and modern  occultists.