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Fox to Create Show on Jesus' Childhood By Carrie Dedrick   l   Christian Headlines The so-called ‘year of the Bible’ will  continue as Fox has announced that it will  produce a television show based on the young  life of Jesus.   “Nazareth” does not yet have a set release  date, but the network has arranged for David  Franzoni, screenwriter of “Gladiator,” Bob  Cooper, Jamie Campbell and Joel Wilson to  produce the show.  Fox says that the show will follow the life of  Jesus during childhood, a time period of which  not much is recorded. The Lifetime network is working on a  similar plotline with a movie entitled “The One.”   “Nazareth” is preceded by a wave of  Christian film and television including the  television miniseries “The Bible,” and the films  “Son of God,” “God’s Not Dead,” “Heaven Is for  Real” and Darren Aronofsky’s $320 million-  grossing “Noah.”  
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Dolphin Tale 2 -- A dolphin's new prosthetic tail  saved her life, but a pool mate dies and she  becomes depressed. The USDA demands that the  director of the aquarium (Harry Connick, Jr.) find her  a female dolphin friend or lose her to a Sea-World  type home.  "Dolphin Tale 2" is that rare Hollywood  film: wholesome and fun for all ages, with nice  messages about family, responsibility, and  perseverance.  PG  The Boxtrolls -- An infant taken in and raised by a  Boxtroll discovers what humans really think of them  and must use his wits to save his family and friends  from an evil man trying to destroy them.  The film  contains scary moments, brief rear "nudity", and  some bathroom humor. PG (some material may not  be suitable for children). 
A Walk Among the Tombstones -- A drug dealer  (Dan Stevens) hires an unlicensed investigator and  former NYPD detective (Liam Neeson) to find his  kidnapped wife in New York City. A wave of  kidnappings has hit the city's drug lords and they  cannot trust the police to help. The film contains  bloody violence and torture, a suicide, brief nudity,  sexual references, drug use, and pervasive profane  and crude language.  R  No Good Deed -- A former prosecutor (Taraji P.  Henson) and stay-at-home mom of two opens her  door to a handsome stranger (Idris Elba) one stormy  night when her negligent husband is away. The rain  soaked stranger alleges car trouble, but ensuing  events horrify and shock the family he meets.  The  film contains gun and physical violence, frequent  rough and crass language and fleeting profanities.  PG-13  The Last of Robin Hood -- Fictionalized account of  the final days of movie star Errol Flynn (Kevin Kline)  and his 15-year-old lover (Dakota Fanning). The film  contains a scene of rape, nonmarital sexual activity,  partial nudity, alcohol and drug abuse, sexual banter,  and frequent profane and crude language.  R  The Maze Runner - A teen boy (Dylan O'Brien) is  taken by an elevator to a place called the "Glade"  where he is told by several other teen boys and  young men that there is no way out. The others have  been there for as long as three years and beyond  enormous stone walls lies an ever-shifting maze  where horrible creatures wait for them.  The film  contains occasional intense violence, including gory  images, and some crude language. PG-13 
The Equalizer - An insomniac (Denzel Washington)  leads a quiet life in his second career at a DIY  megamart. When he meets a teen girl (Chloë Grace  Moretz) who is a sex slave to a Russian mob boss  (Marton Csokas) he feels he must intervene; his  deadly skills from a former, mysterious career prove  useful and decides to become the champion of the  innocent who have nowhere else to turn.  The film  contains excessive gory violence, including  stabbings, gunplay, a near decapitation, torture and  a strangling; numerous graphic images; frequent  rough, crude and crass language; and some  profanity, sexual banter and race baiting.  R  The November Man -- A deadly clandestine agent  (Pierce Brosnan) has retired until the CIA calls him to  protect a key witness (Olga Kurylenko). He soon  learns that he is the target of a former agency  partner (Luke Bracey).  The film contains excessive  gory violence, graphic nonmarital and implied  premarital sexual activity, upper female and rear  nudity, about a half-dozen uses of profanity and a  steady flow of rough and crude terms. R  This Is Where I Leave You -- A new widow (Jane  Fonda) insists that her four alienated adult children  (Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Adam Driver and Corey  Stoll) sit Shiva in a weeklong Jewish wake for their  departed father (she's not Jewish and their father  was an atheist).  The film contains frequent rough,  crude and crass language, much profanity and  sexual banter, a number of sexual encounters -- one  featuring rear male nudity and most involving marital  infidelity, drug use, an approvingly depicted same-  sex relationship, and a glib attitude toward religious  faith. R 
New Faith Based Film Surfs Into Theatres   The Perfect Wave 
Clint Eastwood's son and rising Hollywood star Scott Eastwood ("Gran  Torino," "Flags of Our Fathers"), Rachel Hendrix ("October Baby") and Cheryl Ladd  ("Charlie's Angels"), star in the Christian film, "The Perfect Wave," which is set to  open in select theatres on July 11. "The Perfect Wave" follows the true story of Ian  McCormack, who grew up surfing the waters of New Zealand.   The film, which was shot on location in South Africa, Australia, Bali,  Mauritius and New Zealand, opened in South Africa earlier this year and is already  receiving positive reactions from U.S. audiences.  "The Perfect Wave' is a strong witness to the redemptive power of Jesus  Christ," said Jim Young of Crossroads Church UMC in Jacksonville, Florida. "It is  excellent for youth groups, college and career, as well as the whole family."  In "The Perfect Wave," Ian (played by Eastwood), yearning for adventure,  sets out on a journey with his best friend to surf some of the most famous and  challenging destinations throughout Australia, Southeast Asia and Africa in search  of the mythical "perfect wave."   During his adventure, Ian falls in love with a beautiful, free-spirited girl,  Annabelle (portrayed by Hendrix). Ian's pursuit of her leads him to the African  island of Mauritius, where his life is forever changed by an encounter with a school  of box jellyfish during a fateful evening swim. Infamous for venom so deadly that a  single sting can kill a man, Ian is stung multiple times, and pronounced dead  shortly after his arrival at the hospital.  Following a divine post-mortem encounter, Ian miraculously awakens with a  transformed understanding of life and a chance to begin anew.  "I'm very inspired by this film. There is a terrific spirit of adventure and an  important reminder that you just have to trust God and go for it. Not to mention the  film captures the beauty of some of the best surf spots in the world," said  Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of California.   "The Perfect Wave" has been described by Director Bruce Macdonald as a  "love story with four pillars:" a mother's love, a young man's love for surfing, first  love, and most importantly, God's love. He added, "This film shares the amazing  story of God's plan for Ian's life and reminds viewers that no matter how far you  run, you can never outrun God's love."   The film was directed by Macdonald, an internationally renowned  commercial director, and was produced by seven-time Emmy-winning U.S.  Producer S. Bryan Hickox. "I have been blessed to share my story throughout the world," said Ian. "The  release of this film in South Africa and now America provides a vehicle to help  spread God's message of never failing love to an even broader audience."  "The Perfect Wave" is scheduled to open in July. For additional information  about "The Perfect Wave," visit 
CHRISTIAN MOVIE REVIEWS  13 Jesus Movies: The Good,  Bad, Ugly and Heretical
By Ted Baehr   l    MovieGuide
How many of these films did you ever know  existed? #1: The King of Kings (1927)  The famous H.B. Warner played Jesus in  Cecil B. DeMille's King of Kings—still the classic  of all movies about Jesus Christ. Produced by  Pathé Exchange, Inc., this was the most famous,  the most discussed and the costliest religious  movie made up to that point and was used for  many years by missionaries to evangelize.  The action starts when Jesus is already  fully grown and preaching. The first half of the  movie includes: casting the seven deadly sins out  of Mary Magdalene; the raising of Lazarus; the  driving of the money changers from the Temple;  then the temptation by Satan is inserted; and the  teaching of the Lord's Prayer. The second half  concentrates on the Passion: the betrayal by  Judas; the trial; the way to the Cross; Jesus'  death; and, His Resurrection, which was followed  almost immediately in a slight contraction of  historical events by the Ascension. In order to avoid offending Jewish  sensibilities, Caiaphas, rather than Judas, was  made responsible for Christ's death.  King of Kings shows DeMille at his best and  his worst. The movie opens with a very inaccurate  portrayal of a bejeweled Mary Magdalene living in  unbelievable splendor, surrounded by marble  palaces, leopards, zebras, revelers and slaves.  This sequence was originally in color. Her lover,  Judas, has been absent a good deal lately  listening to a poor "carpenter." Slighted, she  storms off to see this carpenter who has lured  Judas away. Of course, she falls for the carpenter.  Just at this point when the gospel story  appears to be reduced to a sex triangle, DeMille  changes direction and produces the rest of the  movie with rare restraint and dignity.  
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -- All of New York  City struggles in the grip of a demented villain  (Tohoru Masamune) and his clan until four strange  brothers rise from the sewers to become the heroic  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Pete Ploszek/voiced  by Johnny Knoxville, Alan Ritchson, Noel Fisher  and Jeremy Howard). Under the mentorship of their  master (Danny Woodburn/voiced by Tony  Shalhoub), the Turtles join forces with a reporter  (Megan Fox) and her colleague (Will Arnett) to fight  the villain's plan. Also with William Fichtner and  Minae Noji.  The film contains intense but bloodless  cartoon violence, some bathroom humor, and a few  vague references to sexuality.  PG-13  The Expendables 3 -- In this third installment  Sylvester Stallone stars as the mercenary leader of  a reduced force after several members have died.  A powerful nemesis (Mel Gibson) reappears  unexpectedly, forcing him to recruit a group of  younger team members, although other mature  action stars join in. Also with Antonio Banderas,  Harrison Ford, Jason Statham, Wesley Snipes,  Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Terry Crews,  Kelsey Grammar, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jet  Li.  The film contains frequent gun, knife and  physical violence as well as numerous explosions,  a few uses of profanity and pervasive crude  language. PG-13  When the Game Stands Tall -- In Concord,  California the De La Salle High School Football  Coach (Jim Caviesel) and Assistant Coach  (Michael Chiklis) train their team differently from  other coaches, using techniques that help team  members through tough times on and off the field.  The result is a 151-game winning streak from 1992  through 2003. Based on a true story. Also with  Laura Dern, Alexander Ludwig, Clancy Brown,  Ser'Darius Blain, Stephan James, Gavin Casalegno  and Matthew Daddario. The film contains brief  bloodless violence, a few references to sexuality  and a touch of mild scatological humor. PG
‘The Good Lie” Starring Reese Witherspoon to Portray Christian Faith Amid Persecution in Sudan Civil War
A new movie called "The Good Lie" is set to  attract a strong Christian audience when it is  released later this year, as it tells the story of the civil war in Sudan, with the plot focusing on issues such  as persecution and Christian faith.  The film, which stars Academy Award winning  actress Reese Witherspoon, will follow the story of  "the Lost Boys" of Sudan, who are forced to flee their  homeland after civil war breaks out.  The movie will document the group's struggle  as they try to escape intensifying persecution, and  draws out various Christian themes to portray their  story as they adapt to life as refugees.  Witherspoon's character is based on the real  life story of a woman who took in four Sudanese  boys during the horrific conflict. "  Orphaned by the brutal Civil War in Sudan  that began in 1983, these young victims traveled as  many as a thousand miles on foot in search of  safety. Fifteen years later, a humanitarian effort  largely led by churches would bring 3,600 lost boys  and girls to America."
Left Behind Remake is NOT a   Christian Movie Not Even Close! 
By Jackson Cuidon   l   Christianity Today
This is not the Left Behind movie anyone expected.  The last time the property was in the public eye—2005, with the release of  the third movie installment, Left Behind: World At War—the movies had Kirk  Cameron and spanned the first two books in the Left Behind series of novels. For  those not participant in the 90s/00s evangelical zeitgeist, the Left Behind books  were basically the handbook of American folk-Christian eschatology in the new  millennium. The books covered—from the perspectives of pilot Rayford Steele,  his daughter Chloe Steele, and reporter Buck Williams—the End Times.  Left Behind, in a sense, tackled the apocalypse before it was cool. And tackling the apocalypse is once again aggressively cool, as we’ve said  here before. Since the films stalled in 2005, and this year Hollywood has finally  caught onto the fact that Christian movies will make you a lot of money, a reboot  was practically a given, nestled amongst Noah and Heaven is For Real and God’s  Not Dead and the forthcoming Exodus: Gods and Kings.