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There is a church hoping that you will come and worship with them this Sunday.  
Approximately 2000 Area Christian Churches ... Can be found on this website. All churches are listed by city and zip code.  God has led us not to list churches by denomination (as in the past), as He wants His church to be one, united, and pure.   
The Churches listed below would like to extend to you a very PERSONAL INVITATION to share in their fellowship and worship.  The Church Guide takes pride in providing you with over 2000 churches in Hampton Roads. We hope that you will find a spirit-led, Christian-based sanctuary that you can call your church home. If your church is not listed, or if there is missing information or an error in the information we've provided, we would appreciate your notifying us immediately so that we can rectify the matter. You can email the information to us at or use the special contact form on this website.
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He saith unto them, "But whom say ye that I am?" And Simon Peter answered and said, "Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God." And Jesus answered and said unto him, "Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but My Father which is in Heaven. And I say also unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build My Church; and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give unto thee the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven..."                                                                                            ~  Matthew 16: 15-19 (KJV)
The Churches listed to the right, either have Christian services given in the language noted, or the church is primarily attended by believers of a certain ethnic/cultural background.
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Virginia Beach churches - Chesapeake churches - Norfolk churches - Newport News churches Hampton churches - Portsmouth churches - Suffolk churches - Williamsburg churches - Yorktown church
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5 Truths to Remember When Searching for a Church Home
I’m moving next month.  Even when a person is looking forward to a  move to a new state, like I am, there are still a  myriad of emotions that accompany change.  Because, let’s face it, the change doesn’t happen in  just one or two areas overnight. It’s constant and it’s  everywhere. The biggest change, though, is one I’ve been  trying to push to the back of my mind for quite some  time. It both thrills me and terrifies me. I love the  possibilities, but not the process. It’s finding a new church home.  Everyone, myself included, hates the term  “church shopping,” but it feels like that’s exactly what  I’ll be doing. 
BEING CHRISTIAN Does Going to Church Still Matter?
By Glenn Packiam   l   Church Leader
Why do we go to church? This is the question at the bottom of all this musing, right? Miller speaks for  many who see the hollowness of what the gathered church has become. I see  it. You see it. So we ask, "Why go to church?" Immediately, someone is going  to say, "We don't go to church; we are the church!" There is, of course,  something true about this statement. But it misses a very crucial point .. .and  we'll start with that point:  1. We go to church because being and place belong together. Those of my readers who are more philosophically inclined will be able to cite various French and German philosophers and social theorists who talk about the necessity of human beings being grounded in place. We are not free- floating entites unconnected to particular points in space and time. We find our identity and memory and sense of being by being in a place.
Why I Stopped Going to Church By Jennifer Maggio   l
I grew up in the Deep South in the middle of  the Bible belt. Going to church was a way of life for us.  We went to church every Sunday and most  Wednesdays. And almost everyone I knew did the  same. Interestingly, however, my parents rarely went  with me. From the time I can remember, I was driven to  the front door of the church and dropped off, then  picked up after services were done. As I grew older,  this made me very uncomfortable. All of my friends had  their parents with them. Why couldn’t mine just come  to church, too?! One Sunday, the pastor delivered a message  on families and the importance of staying strong,  staying in the Word, and supporting one another. He  wanted to pray over families and invited us all to the  front of the church to spread across the altar and stage for prayer time together, as a family. My twin sister and  I, who were only about ten at the time, slowly walked  forward. We sat next to each other and watched as  other families – real families, complete families –  prayed with each other. We sat alone, embarrassed. I  could not wait for service to be over so that I could bolt  out the front door. I am certain I was every shade of  red, as I hurriedly rushed to my father’s car. I finally mustered up the courage to ask him why  he never attended church. He explained . . .
New at Church? Here’s How to Fit In ...
By Carey Lodge   l   Christian Today
So you've moved to a new city, church-hopped for a  while and you've found somewhere you think you'll enjoy.  But wait a second – it's massive! How are you ever going  to get beyond the 'awkward newbie' phase and actually  start to get to know people? Aside from the obvious – for  goodness sake join a home group and actually turn up on a  Sunday – here's a few handy tips for settling in:  Do's  1. Be that person eating cake alone. As tempting as it  is, don't run away at the end of the service; you're not  going to meet anyone on your walk home. Grab a  lukewarm cup of tea and a slice of that questionable ginger  cake and Have A Conversation With A Stranger.  2. Sign up for stuff. Yes, a freezing cold walk in the rainy  English countryside does sound fairly terrible and Saturday  mornings are best spent in bed, but you'll meet more  people (we hope) going on a few of the 'organised socials',  even if the idea of them feels like hard work.  3. Volunteer. Don't just go to things, ask if you can be  useful somewhere. Show me a church that doesn't need  help with the washing up or setting out chairs and I'll show  you...well, it won't come to that, because there simply isn't  one. There's always a need, and you could be just the  person to meet it. Plus, it's often easier to bond/chat to  people over an activity, however mundane, than standing  around awkwardly after a service (see point one).