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Hampton Road’s FM Christian Radio Stations
88.5 WJLZ, local listener supported Christian music station, contemporary Christian, simulcast on 97.9, 103.7, and 103.9
89.1 WWIP, The Word in Praise, Contemporary Christian Music and ministry programs
90.7 WZLV, K-LOVE, contemporary Christian
91.5 WYCS, The Oasis Network - religious ministry
99.7 WYFI, Bible Broadcasting  Network, religious
100.9 WYMI, Rejoice 100.9, Musical Soul Food
102.5 WJRX-LP, The Rain, Christian variety based in Williamsburg
Hampton Road’s AM Christian Radio Stations
1010 WPMH, Christian talk and Christian Teaching
1110 WYRM, ministry
1270 WTJZ,  Joy 1270, Urban Gospel Music and teaching programs
1400 WPCE, Your Inspirational Leader, gospel
1600 WCPK, Los Voz de Dios ... Hispanic Christian Music and teaching   ...
940 WKGM, religious
1310 WGH, black gospel
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94.1 STAR, Christian Contemporary
90.1 WGNA, Christian contemporary
April 2011 Cover
If you've ever driven down a deserted highway at night, you know what a lonely feeling that can be. But if you're tuned to a Christian radio station, you don't feel quite so all alone. Christian radio just makes you feel better. The Bible says faith comes by hearing, well Christian radio is spiritual nutrition for the ears. Christian radio acts as a conduit for the Holy Spirit to reach out and touch individual minds and hearts with just the right word at just the right time. But, it hasn't always been that way. The seventies Jesus Movement propelled Christian music beyond the church walls. Now you can listen to Christian music or teachings while your work or play, at home or at the office. Today's Christian radio carries call kinds of music and formats. You can listen to stations that play primarily gospel, then there's Southern  gospel and urban gospel; praise and worship, inspirational, contemporary, classical, as well as Christian rap, rock and metal.  You also have stations with live on-the-air discussions, mixed with pre-recorded sermons and teaching ministries. But like everything else, times are a changing. Music is now available not only on the radio but through downloads, stream audio, and even satellite. Unlike secular stations that rely on advertising and commercials, most Christian stations are listener supported. What follows are six of Hampton Roads' most popular, Christian stations and the general managers directing what you hear.
Larry Cobb started in radio in 1971.  He was an on air DJ from 1971 - 1978.  In 1975, Larry became involved in Christian radio when he and a friend switched WPMH to a Christian format.  He has spent years in marketing and programming Christian stations, and helping build stations in West Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Ohio and Virginia. He is presently overseeing operations for a station in Roanoke, and WYRM in Norfolk. WYRM 1010 AM is Virginia's most powerful Christian station, licensed to operate at 50,000 watts.  WYRM focuses on teaching ministry and family friendly information programs.  They offer talk only and do not program music. Listeners like their accessibility and their willingness to be helpful. They also like their mix of teaching and information programs. Many of their teachings are given by local pastors and ministries. You can find them on the internet at, where you can also listen to live stream of their programming. 
Anne Verebely is the general manager of The Current 88.5 FM. She is one of those rare natives of Hampton Roads. She’s married to Bill Verebely, her husband of 44 years. Together they have 3 boys, and are grandparents of 4 with a new grandbaby due at the time of this publication. If you believe that God has a plan for you, then His plan began to develop while Anne was just a little girl.  At the age of 7, she would play “radio” with a little record player and some 45’s. She loved it then and she loves it now. She’s been in radio since 1989. Anne is very active at Wave Church in Virginia Beach, where she is a big church supporter and very excited about what God is doing. The Current FM is unique and on the cutting edge. It's top 40 Christian music with many of our artist's crossing over to mainstream. Their music reaches those who don't go to church as well as those who do. Anne says the station receives many calls and emails from listeners who like their music, and as they listen they begin to question their lives. Some have addictions and realize that they need to be free. Some have been hurt by life, but as their lives change, they end up calling the station requesting that we direct them to a  good church. Many call back to let us know they have found a church, and have  become active in it. Anne says that many times families listen to the Current together, because their children like the music. God has put this format together. It breaks down color barriers. There are a minority of stations in the US doing what we're doing. The Current FM streams 64kb on the internet at  You can also find a link to their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter on their website.
Greg Roth is the General Manager of WYCS 91.5 FM, an affiliate station of the Oasis Radio Network. Greg’s radio career began in 1991 in Seattle, Washington where he did traffic reports for KOMO radio as the “Road Ranger.” He started working for the flagship station of the Oasis Radio Network (KNYD) in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma in 1994. After three years, he and his family moved to Virginia in November of 1997 to start WYCS, 91.5FM. Their first broadcast was on December 4, 1997. The Oasis Network is very unique in many ways. They aren’t set to any one programming format. Greg says the Oasis Network likes to “mix” Southern Gospel, with  Inspirational and contemporary formats. WCYS 91.5 FM is a full-power Gospel station broadcasting 24 hours a day. Their bible teaching segments are 15 minutes in length and feature local and national Pastors such as Joyce Meyers, Kenneth Hagin, Charles Capps and Bob Collins. Their Programming schedule is: 6:00am – 9:00am Inspirational Music 9:00am – 1:00pm Bible Teaching 1:00pm – 2:00pm Roadshow 2:00pm – 3:00pm Bible Teaching 3:00pm – 2:00am Inspirational Music 2:00am  - 6:00am Bible Teaching Their listeners enjoy the wide variety of music and programming that can be heard both over-the air and on the internet (  One of our most popular programs in  our line-up is our Roadshow. The Roadshow is a daily radio interview program designed to inspire and motivate the listener and demonstrate the truth that “with God all things are possible” The Roadshow runs from 1:00 – 2:00pm daily, Monday through Friday. WYCS is in the process of expanding their coverage into and beyond the greater Hampton Roads area of eastern Virginia. They are in discussions with city leaders locally to build a new tower and hope to have this completed by the end of 2011. As Greg says, “we want to be an “oasis” to our listeners. “oasis” means:  “a refreshing place to be” --- 91.5FM is that “refreshing place” to be in the midst of the challenging times that we are living in.”   Greg felt a strong calling to ministry which of course led him to the Oasis Network. But this calling has also led him to become involved in itinerant ministry, teaching soul-winning classes throughout Hampton Roads and performing missions work primarily in communist countries. Greg lives in Newport News with his wife Margie and son Joshua.   You can get updates on local church happening, weather updates and other information on Greg’s Facebook page, The website for Oasis Network is at
Colleen Dick is the Assistant Manager for a group of station here in Virginia, as well as Florida. WWIP 89.1 FM is their only FM station in Virginia. She has been with the Chesapeake- Portsmouth Broadcasting and Delmarva Education Association for ten years. She was born to an Air Force family in Elmira, NY. Much of her childhood was on the move, as her family changed duty stations from California, Vermont, Maine and Florida. Colleen studied broadcasting while in college and earned a B.S. in Broadcasting from Pensacola Christian College and an M.A. in Communication - Film from Regent University.  In 2003, she married her husband, Jim.  Together, they recently celebrated the birth of their daughter, Rhiannon, in January. WWIP 89.1 FM broadcasts Contemporary Christian praise and worship music as well as local and national ministry programs.  Like most Christian stations, they are listener supported.  The station has been on the air since 2004. Colleen also helps manage WPMH  1010 AM.  This is the company's heritage Christian station featuring some of the best national and local preachers and teachers. WHKT 1650 AM features conservative talk.  National programs - Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin to name just a few.  Local personality Jon Cash is on the air Mon-Fri at 12 PM. Listeners to WWIP enjoy ta variety of worshipful music and the strong preaching and teaching programs. Their desire is to expand their listener reach, add more corporate and ministry partners, and become more involved in community events.  You can find WWIP on Facebook under WWIP 89.1. Their website is You can also find a website for WHKT at The website for WPMH is still under construction.
Mike Chandler is a co-owner of Rejoice Musical Soulfood national radio network, Rejoice 100.9 FM and LPTV Television stations in Virginia Beach, Hampton and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He began his career as a Visdeo Systems Engineer with the Space Shuttle Program at Kennedy Space Center, Florida. Although that took him into the heavens, his switch to radio took him into the heavenlies. Rejoice! Musical Soul Food is a STELLAR Award winning and CRYSTAL MIC MEDIA Award nominated 24/7 Gospel Radio Network. It is syndicated nationally to 48 radio stations around the country. Rejoice's programming has been entertaining listeners since June 1989 and will continue to do so for years to come. Rejoice 100.9 is Hampton Roads' only FM Urban Gospel radio station. They broadcast the latest contemporary and traditional Gospel music, plus classic hits. They also interview gospel artists, nationally-known ministers, authors, etc., on a regular basis. Weekend programming is enhanced with specialty shows such as "The Dottie Peoples Show", "The World's Greatest Radio Show, "Rejoice in The Word With Bishop Greg Davis"and “The Joe Ligon Show" Their signal covers all of Northeast North Carolina and Hampton Roads. Their ministry is just not on the air, but involves a lot of interaction and support of community projects. Listeners like Rejoice 100.9’s very interesting topic driven morning show and their 7 pm to 8 pm Praise and Worship segment called “a Shelter in the Storm” You can find out more about Rejoice 100.9 FM and their many events taking place locally at You can also befriend them at and follow them on twitter @musicalsoulfood.
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