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John Piper on Why Christians  Must Say ‘No’ to Marijuana
By Anugrah Kumar    l    Christian Post
Amid efforts being taken in many U.S.  states to legalize the recreational use of  marijuana, theologian John Piper offers at least  two biblical reasons why Christians should stay  away from the "mood-altering, mind-altering"  drug. Marijuana is often compared with caffeine,  but there's a difference, says Piper on the blog  on the Desiring God ministry website. While  marijuana "temporarily impairs the reliable  processing of surrounding reality," caffeine  "ordinarily sharpens that processing." Piper quotes from a study highlighted by  the Drug Policy Alliance, a group that advocates  for legalization of marijuana, which is categorized in the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 as  Schedule I drug along with heroin, LSD and  ecstasy.
HEALTH & FITNESS Caffeine Craver? Tips on How to Make This a Healthier Habit
By Jim White   l   The Church Guide
Set on having your morning cup of coffee  every day? Prone to drinking multiple cups a  day? No need to feel guilty about this habit.   According to research, no other dietary source  comes close to providing the amount of  antioxidants received from coffee. Even both  caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee seems to  provide the same, high antioxidant levels. But,  make sure you are making the right choices  when it comes to what you are ADDING to your  cup of coffee. Here are some helpful tips on  how to create healthier versions:
PA Speakers, Monitors, Subwoofers and Rack Cases
10 Things American Christians Eat That Could Be Killing Us
CHRISTIAN FITNESS What Difference Does    Faith Make at the Gym?
By Diana Anderson_Tyler  l  Christian Life News
I watched an interesting documentary a  few weeks ago on a subject I cannot entirely  recall. All I know for certain is that it was hosted  by the illustrious Mr. Morgan Freeman and  featured a fascinating study on self-control that  involved scrambled sentences, a disgusting  cocktail of orange juice and vinegar, and  monetary rewards. (More on that in a bit.)  The findings of this experiment are truly  remarkable. According to the 2012 paper  published by the Queen’s University researchers  who conducted the study, religion replenishes  self-control and increases our ability to endure  discomfort, delay gratification, exert patience and  refrain from responding impulsively.  As a CrossFit coach and personal trainer, I  am well acquainted with myriad forms of  “discomfort”: 
CHRISTIAN FITNESS The Uncomfortable Biblical Truth About Fitness
By Steve Reynolds   l   Christian Life News
To start making changes, you need to focus on small  steps to life, not on an extreme makeover. The best way to get  healthy is to go back to taking the small steps (changes) that lead  to good health. To start with, you must eat less, and with eating less, eat  better. The Bible says in Proverbs 23:2 that if you are a man given to appetite, put a knife to your throat. What that means is, take  action. Do something to change. This verse is serious in what it is  telling us to do. I learned that my stomach was about the size of  my fist, so I had to ask myself: Why was I eating the size of my  head?  As for eating better, Deuteronomy 8 really spoke to my  heart. It says, “The Lord your God is bringing you into a good land” (v. 7, NIV). God describes this good land, and He spends almost  an entire verse talking about it. God says, “It’s going to have  brooks of water.” It doesn’t say Coke. It doesn’t say Pepsi. It says water. And there are going to be fountains and there are going to  be springs that are going to flow out of valleys and hills. It’s going  to be a land of wheat and barley. There are going to be vines.  There are going to be fig trees and pomegranates. There is going  to be honey and olive oil—not Crisco oil! God talks a lot about food! God is pro-food.
CHRISTIAN FITNESS Overeating: The Elephant in the Ro0m of the American Church
By Joyce Tilney   l   Christian Life News
Everyone, saint and sinner, knows that  David, the shepherd boy, won the battle with the  giant Goliath. We always love to cheer for the  underdog!  As we walk in the light, living in a dark  world, we are going to face many giants.  Persecution, trials and the tribulations of life are  guaranteed, so it is not a question of if, but how   we face them.  There is a giant in the church today that is  destroying health, killing dreams and stealing the  potential of God’s people. This giant, obesity and  out-of-control appetites, has grown to epidemic  levels, and everyone is talking, trying to find  answers.  The enemy has not changed his tactics  since the Garden. He is still tempting people to  take one more bite! One more bite leads to ... 
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CHRISTIAN HEALTH and FITNESS Do You Have a “Lifestyle” Disease?
By Joyce Tilney    l    Christian Life News
I call a lifestyle disease something that can be controlled by  our personal choices such as physical exercise, poor eating habits  and a lack of sleep. These diseases cause us to constantly live in a  stressful state, a yo-yo lifestyle of up and down the emotional roller  coaster and overindulging in unhealthy eating habits.  The world is in a mess when it comes to our health and well-  being—spiritually, mentally and physically. Spiritually, many still  refuse to accept Jesus as Lord of their life. Mentally, we struggle  with emotional problems of depression, anger, jealousy and self-  defeating behaviors.  Last but not least is our physical state. As a nation we are in  a crisis mode because we do not take the responsibility of taking  care of ourselves.  As a child of God, we are told in Romans 12:1-2 to present  our bodies a living sacrifice and not to be conformed to the world  but be transformed by the renewing of our minds.  
CHILDREN’S HEALTH 5 Keys for Overcoming Childhood Obesity
By J’Nelle Ruscetti   l   Christian Life News
There is nothing I enjoy more than                                            raising my four children, but I have found                                              it to be a challenge to raise healthy-weight                                  children in today’s society. With the tripling                                         of the child obesity rate in our country, there                                          are record numbers of children experiencing                                health problems that a generation ago were                                     primarily observed in adults. As a physician's assistant in family medicine, my job is not  only to treat patients for their various health problems, but also to  educate patients on ways to prevent diseases.  Lifestyle changes can be challenging, but when I took a  successful child obesity intervention and prevention program that I  had implemented in my community, the “Family Fitness Challenge,”  and brought it to my church, I found that by combining current  medical research about behaviors associated with obesity along with  Bible verses to meditate on, it further inspired parents to make  changes in their household that had a huge impact on the health of  their entire family.
By Lynn Allison   l   News Max Health
Living in the most technologically advanced country in the  world, many Americans believe that our food supply must have the  highest standards anywhere.  The fact is, many of the things we eat in the U.S. have been  banned in other countries because they are viewed as dangerous to  health. Here’s a list of some of the most common: 1. Hormones in Milk. In 1993, the Food and Drug Administration  approved the use of bovine hormones in cows, which boosts milk  production by about 10 percent. However, some cow hormones have  been linked to breast, colon, and prostate cancers. Giving cows  hormones makes them more susceptible to illness, which means  greater amounts of antibiotics are used to keep them productive.  Increased use of antibiotics promotes resistant bacteria that can be  deadly to humans. Where it’s banned: Australia, New Zealand, Israel, the European  Union (EU), and Canada.   2. Preservatives BHA and BHT. Manufactured from petroleum,  these waxy solids are added to foods to prevent spoilage. The  National Institutes of Health reports that  BHA is “reasonably anticipated” to be a  human carcinogen based on evidence of  carcinogenicity in rats. Where it’s banned: The UK bans BHA  from baby foods. BHA and BHT are  banned  
Light, Refreshing Summer Meal
Stack tomatoes, some mozzarella cheese, basil and asparagus and drizzle with some balsamic vinaigrette. Delicious.