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Healing Rooms
Health Care Ministries
Healing School – Healing and prayer for the sick. New Destiny Outreach Ministries  Wednesdays at 7:00 P.M. 10 Parkerson Lane, Hedy Michelson 288-8275 Healing Rooms of Tidewater – Sick or in need of prayer? You are invited to The Healing Rooms for to receive prayer for your physical healing, mental healing or special needs. Tuesdays at 7 pm. Christian Embassy International Church, 1208 N. Centerville Turnpike, Ches.
Lackey Free Clinic – Loving health care for the uninsured. An outreach of Olivet Medical Ministry.: 886.0608. 1620 Old Williamsburg Rd., Yorktown Park Place Health & Dental Clinic Excellent dental care for the homeless and underserved residents of Norfolk.  Must be uninsured, meet income requirements and be a Norfolk resident.  606 W. 29th Street, Norfolk, VA.  FMI: 757-965-4224 PIN Ministry -- Sunday Clinic -- nurse or doctor to treat minor illnesses. Treats acute illnesses such as colds and other ailments. Free prescriptions for antibiotics and other non-narcotic or non-psychotic medications. For more serious conditions, PIN provides a referral and transportation to other medical facilities. Virginia Beach Outreach Center, Fellowship Hall of Beach Pentacoastal Church, 503 15th Street, Virginia Beach. St. Columba Ecumenical Ministries. Prescription medication program: Mondays- Fridays from 8:00 am-3:00 pm. Must be referred by an agency that is able to verify homelessness and complete the necessary paperwork to make the referral. No narcotics, no psychotropic medications, or other medications not deemed necessary. Aso, Vision and Dental Program for homeless individuals who are in need of emergency dental work (fillings and extractions) and eye exams to get glasses. Partnered with the American Red Cross Dental Clinic, Pearle Vision and the Lions Club of Norfolk. Must be referred by an agency that is able to verify homelessness and complete the necessary paperwork to make the referral. 2114 Lafayette Blvd., Norfolk. FMI: 627-6748. www.stcolumbaministries.com Other caring services to consider: The Practice Set Fee Clinic -- offers a distinctive unification of health services for an affordable set fee. The Practice provides quality and affordable health care to the Hampton Roads Area through a multifaceted approach. The clinic is incomparable to typical primary care, urgent care, or emergency room care because the set office fee includes: any in-house labs, treatments, or procedures deemed necessary by the treating health care provider. Located at Landstown Commons, 3380 Princess Anne Rd., Ste 110, Virginia Beach. FAMIS – Virginia’s free healthcare insurance for children and expectant moms. To apply call Robin Frazier, Outreach worker at 757-484-0703. Chesapeake Care Free Clinic – Must be uninsured and meet income requirements and a Chesapeake resident. 545-5700. 2145 Military Hwy S. Portsmouth Free Clinic – Portsmouth residents. 393-6363. 664 Lincoln Street. Virginia Beach Family Medicine  940 General Booth Blvd. Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Western Tidewater Free Dental Clinic -- Suffolk. Provides a free medical and dental clinic. Dental Clinic:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and FridayAll Patients are seen by appointment only.  Please call 757.923.1060 during normal business hours (Mon - Fri:  8am - 5pm). Potential patients must be qualified to receive services
Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD. Psalm 31:24
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PUBLISHER’S TESTIMONY God Healed Me When They Said I Would Never Be Healed By Ray Boetcher
They told me my bladder would  never work again.  There was nothing they could do,  I would have to be catheterized for the  rest of my life. If you have read my comment-  aries, you may remember my sharing  testimony of my trauma in August of  2010, about how I had injured my leg so  severely and was in so much pain, that I  didn't realize my prostate had enlarged  and cut off my urinary flow. When you  are in that kind of pain, where the  slightest movement sends electrical  volts through every pain nerve in your  body … you don't really notice you  aren’t going to the bathroom.  In my first visit to the Emergency  Room, I was treated for the extreme  pain I was suffering, and diagnosed with  extreme bursitis in my hip. Somehow in  the craziness of all the medical attention  in the ER, I never received any  treatment for my urinary retention. I left  thinking that the shot I was given for  pain would loosen up whatever was  preventing me from urinating. That was  wrong.  Three days later I was back in the  Emergency Room. The pain was now  more bearable, but I still was not able to  relieve myself. (I know this is not as  dramatic as living through a heart attack  or some other medical emergency, but  be patient with me, God is going to be  glorified).  This time I was catheterized and  admitted into the hospital for kidney  failure. I spent three days in the  hospital, and thank God, my kidneys  began working again.  A week later, I had a follow-up  checkup with my new Urologist. It was  there that I was given the “bad news.”