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Educating, Equiping & Encouraging YOU in Your Calling To better educate, equip and encourage you in your workplace ministry, a series of articles and videos have been collected in various topic areas. The information presented herein is prepared and presented by some of the most knowledgeable, Christian men and women who have ever published. You will find authors, professors, pastors, and successful business men and women wanting to share their knowledge in helping you be all God has called you to be in your calling in the workplace.
Marketplace Minstry Videos   Some of America’s most empowering marketplace leaders have prepared videos sharing their wealth of knowledge contributing to business success. Watch and enjoy as you gain greater understanding for becoming a leader in the marketplace.  Most of the videos are only a few minutes, but can provide godly insight to last a lifetime.
Marketplace Ministry Articles   God takes pleasure in seeing our business dreams come true.  The Church Ghide has comprised a variety of ministry articles to help you overcome many of life’s obstacles attempting to keep you away from becoming the king and queen God has called you to be in the market place. To God goes all the glory.
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Do good to your servant according to your Word oh Lord, teach me knowledge and good judgment because I believe in your commands. Psalms 119: 65-66  (NIV)
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