Ministering to Win One Million Souls for Jesus in Hampton Roads Year after year, approximately 40 percent of Americans tell pollsters that they attend church every week. (National Opinion Research Center: 38%; Institute for Social Research’s World Values: 44%; Barna: 41%; National Election Studies: 40%; Gallup: 41%.) However, Kirk Hadaway a minister for research and evaluation at the United Church of Christ’s Board for Homeland Ministries conducted a similar survey and found that only 20 percent of the Protestants were attending church. Furthermore, instead of 50 percent of Catholics attending church, he found 28 percent. In other words, actual church attendance according to his findings was about half the rate indicated by national public opinion polls. Sociologist Stanley Presser at the University of Michigan—co-authored a study entitled: “Data Collection Mode and Social Desirability Bias in Self-Reported Religious Attendance,” and his research showed that the actual percentage of Americans attending church to be about 26%. And there are even more studies showing similar results. So what does all this mean to us? Here is what God shared with me ...  According to the latest census results for 2010, Hampton Roads has 4 of the top 5 most populous cities in the state (Newport News, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Norfolk). The 2010 population breakdown by city is as follows: ( 222,209 people live in Chesapeake 137,436 people live in Hampton 180,719 people live in Newport News 242,803 people live in Norfolk 12,150 people live in Poquoson 95,535 people live in Portsmouth 84,585 people live in Suffolk 437,994 people live in Virginia Beach 14,068 people live in Williamsburg ... That’s a total of 1,427,499 people living in Hampton Roads. What does that mean in terms of evangelism or fulfilling the great commission? Well, if you use the broad statistical averages of the first group of pollsters, you find that approximately 856,500 people aren’t attending any church on a weekly basis. But if you use the refined statistics of the second group of polls, you will find that approximately 1,056,349 people are not attending church weekly in Hampton Roads. Over one million people... Every week. One million people in Hampton Roads have no ongoing, loving relationship with the Father. One million people aren’t worshipping, aren’t praising, aren’t tithing, aren’t seeking to know Him better every week. One million people just here in Hampton Roads aren’t prepared to receive salvation. Praise God for missionaries, but our calling, our work is right here in Hampton Roads. The mission of the Church Guide is to transform Hampton Roads to the Kingdom of God. Now you might ask, “can a little ole’ Christian newspaper change and transform an entire region for Christ?” Of course it can, with God’s help. But how much quicker and how much greater can that change be when other Christians get involved … Christian churches, Christian schools, Christian businesses, Christian ministries. WE (that’s you and The Church Guide) have one million souls to reach. They ARE NOT in the church. They ARE in the workplace. They ARE in the hospitals. They ARE in the restaurants. They ARE in the shopping centers. They are in the places that the Church Guide is reaching out with an invitation to come to know God. The Church Guide gives them hope. It gives them an invitation to attend a local church and to pursue a relationship with the Lord. It gives ALL the glory to God. God has given us authority and dominion over Hampton Roads to pursue His work and build His Kingdom. With your help, your support, your contributions, your advertising, your inspirational messages and feedback, we can more quickly make a difference.   Ray Boetcher Publisher
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Become a Soul Winner
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There are over ONE MILLION people in Hampton Roads who have NO relationship with Jesus Christ. This media ministry, The Church Guide, brings the “good News’ of Jesus to ALL of our neighbors and family members who do not know Him ... plus much needed encouragement, hope, inspiration and salvation. We could use your help in meeting the finances for this media ministry and its many challenges. We pray that you might be able to help us with a contribution of $10, $20 or more. 
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