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Holy Spirit Inspires a Million Dollar Idea with Spirit Fingerz
They say hindsight is 20/20. Teresa Denham realized quickly as an adult and even more as a CEO of a national brand that she had made the best decision of my her when she was just turning 8 years old. Of course she did not understand the gravity of that decision in her young life, but she most certainly noticed its consistent clash with her selfish nature as a child and teenager. Life was all about Teresa and what she could get from it. Who she wanted to date, where she wanted to live, what she wanted to do, was all that mattered, and nothing else paled in comparison. Around her 23rd birthday, her life changed. She met her husband, Billy Denham.  Together he and God saved Teresa from a life of selfishness that she had always thought was normal. Teresa says, “because of the unconditional grace and love of God that I experienced in my personal walk with Christ, and that I experienced through my husband, I realized the amount of time I had wasted as a selfish Christian.” “As I grew out of my selfishness, the inspiration and voice of God began to take over. Instead of hearing what I wanted I was finally able to hear His voice.” One year after marrying Billy, the idea of Spirit Fingerz came to her. “Although I realized this was an inspired idea, I did not realize that impact God would enable me to have on others and in my community.” At first, she viewed Spirit Fingerz as simply a product that she wanted to design to wear to a college football game and nothing more. At least that’s what she thought.  She was young, only in her twenties, and there were very few mentors to help this up and rising entrepreneur. There had never been anything like Spirit Fingerz. As the idea became a business, Teresa quickly learned how her belief in Christ and her ability to hear His voice would give her power and wisdom and lead her in her decision making in the various boardrooms, corporate dinners, and contract negotiations. Because God’s hand was all over this idea, before she knew it, she had contracts with the NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA, Cracker Barrell and Target. Her faith would play a role in every single business decision she made.  The Holy Ghost would speak to her, and she would make decision from  through gut instincts, and the Holy Spirit would give her better ideas than she could ever have thought up herself. Teresa also learned how to align herself with people of quality and integrity in her business and personal life. She kept an open ear for opportunities that would allow her to share the love of Christ in both word and deed. “I’ve learned how edifying it is to be around people who have substance and faith and a conscience ... people who have integrity and do the right thing ... even though it may not always be cost effective is a rarity in corporate America. Putting God first and Profits second has helped me make the best decisions for the legacy of Spirit Fingerz and building it into a multi-million dollar brand for a purpose, and not just a profile.”  This young entrepreneur is extremely happy with her business and the direction it is heading ... UP!  As the founder and CEO of Spirit Fingerz, Teresa can proudly say that putting God in the forefront of her business has helped her remain confident as a leader and courageous enough to stay true to her roots as an entrepreneur.
Teresa Denham wearing her Spirit Fingerz at a Virginia Tech football game