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Zach Hardison ~ Mar 22
Zach Hardison ~ Mar 22
A gathering place where we can touch the hearts of many in the community through a lively coffeehouse that offers quality food, drinks and service; as well as a positive, safe environment for fellowship, and to enjoy music, arts, conversations, conferences and outreach.
The River Room Coffeehouse will offer delicious & healthy breakfast and lunch selections, as well as gourmet pastries and custom cakes made to order.  We will also offer catering services, and our facilities will be available for hosting evening catered dinner meetings, small workshops and conferences for local ministries in the area. 
Tribute of thanks to the many Christian bands and artist who have shared their music and ministries at The River Room in the past.
Even though we do not have a location for the coffeehouse yet, we aren’t going to wait to offer church services. Every Sunday at 10 am. you can join us for a spirited message, sharing, fellowship and testimony.  Presently we are meeting in one of our homes at 142 Cheyenne Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23462. We hope you will join us. We can use your financial support and prayers. We need to raise funds to help with the buildout and costly expense of equipment.  We pray that God has put a special place in your heart to support The River Room Coffeehouse ministry. See below to make a donation.  We thank you, and surely God will bless you ten fold. (The River Room Church is a 501(c)3 non profit church ministry)  
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Click the Facebook Logo to visit our Facebook Page and let us know you “like” The River Room Christian Coffeehouse. As our friend, we’ll keep you informed of all the wonderfully, talented and gifted artists soon to be coming to the River Room.
You can also contribute by mail: The River Room 5469 Nature Ln. Virginia Beach, VA 23455 (Make checks out to The River Room or The River Room Church. The above is a temporary mailing address) We are a 501(c)3 non-profit church
We pray that you will bless this ministry by sowing into what God is about to do. Just click on one of the above banners and it will take you to our funding page. We are a 501c3 non profit for tax purposes.
What’s Happening!?
Well for those of our friends wondering what is going on with The River Room Coffeehouse Church, let me explain. After spending 3 months working out a lease between ourselves and the landlord, we were in a position in the beginning of November to sign the lease.  We did sign the lease, but the landlord dragged his feet or was too busy to do so.  After hoping day after day that it would be signed so that we could get the keys and begin rennovations, we finally decided to shoot for a December 1st commencement date. This would give the landlord the rest of the month to sign the lease.  They were alwyas too busy. I prayed, seeking God’s devine intervention in the signing of the lease.  I asked God that if it was His will for us to be in this location, that He would remove all the obstacles, so that the lease would be signed without any problem. But if it was not His will, I asked that He put every obstacle possible in the way so that the lease would not be signed and executed. So we hoped to have a lease effective December 1st.  Brokers for both sides were tweaking the final version, and again we sought the landlord’s signature.  Too busy. During the delays in December, I felt the Spirit tell me to talk with the other tenants in the center. I did, and they gave me some disturbing information about the reliability and dependability of the landlord. For one, they complained that the lights in the parking lot haven’t worked for years, making it dangerous at night.  We brought this up to the landlord and added a contingency to the lease that the lights be fixed.  We were promised they would be fixed by the end of December. They were never fixed. I prayed every day trying to understand what was going on with the landlord and the signing of this lease. It was during this prayer time that the Lord told me that the landlord was the obstacle, and unless he changed and became more reliable and dependable, and repented for the problems he had caused and was causing, we were not to sign and finalize the lease. Instead of completing the lease, the landlord went on vacation around Christmas, andcame back on about the 28th of December.  Their broker contacted our broker letting us know they had been on vacation, were back, and he hoped we would have a signed lease by January 1st. Seeing how it was a holiday, I waited and expected the lease to be signed by January 4th, but it was not.  On January 5th our broker discussed the lease with the landlord’s broker, and all appeared good and agreeable, except the landlord still had not taken the time to sign it.  In our discussion, we agreed to revise the lease for a commencement date of January 11th, which would give the landlord about a half a week to sign the lease.  The lease also reflected an adjustment on the first month’s rent, as now there were only about 21 days left in the month. The landlord refused to sign the lease saying that if we wanted the space, we would have to pay for the full month. He said we should have signed it in December. We did, I don’t know what world he lives in. Anyway, I told the brokers that we were no longer interested in leasing this space or any space owned by this landlord. The brokers suggested that I sleep on it before making a final decision.  I informed him that God had told me two months earlier what to do if we continued to have obstacles.  There was nothing to think about.  We were over it. So we have started the process again.
We Apologize For Any Confusion That Our Ad in The Shepherd’s Guide Might Be Causing.  We Just Wanted To Be Included In the 2016 Edition, and Had To Submit an Ad Before Their November Deadline.  At That Time, We Thought We Were in Total Agreement Regarding Our Lease For a Space, But That Later Proved To Be Wrong. You Can Read Our Explanation To The Right of This Copy Of Our Advertisement.